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Szello Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

We are a small Canadian company with exceptionally-talented individuals. Our strength is in our diversity. We come from various backgrounds and have a myriad of experiences, but share a breadth of ...more

Employees: 1
Founded: 2013
Technologies:   iOS    Blackberry   

Ottawa, Canada

Alpha app studios Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Alpha App Studios

Alpha App Studios is a premium mobile application solutions provider who specializes in conceptualization, design, development, and distribution of mobile apps. Alpha App Studios creates applicatio...more

Employees: 10
Founded: 2011
Technologies:   Android    iOS    Blackberry    Windows Mobile   

Ottawa, Canada

Arctic Empire Inc. Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Arctic Empire Inc.

Since founding in 2010, Arctic Empire has established itself as a leader in creativity and innovation within the mobile development market. Our team has worked with local and international clients ...more

Employees: 10
Founded: 2010
Technologies:   PHP    Java    Python    Android    iOS    Blackberry    MySQL    HTML5   

Ottawa, Canada

B&J Canada Software Solutions Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
B&J Canada Software Solutions

B&J Canada Software Solutions is an outsourcing service company, which have been providing IT solutions to help customers reduce risk and deliver advance solutions for their business with guaranty....more

Employees: 3
Founded: 2007
Technologies:   Android    iOS    Blackberry    Windows Mobile    HTML5    Symbian   

Ottawa, Canada

Industrial. Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

Industrial is a digital agency. We have refined our craft and strength over a fifteen-year evolution. We are a group of professional, process-driven digital communicators who believe in putting str...more

Employees: 9
Founded: 1999
Technologies:   Android    iOS    Blackberry    Windows Mobile    HTML5   

Ottawa, Canada

Acire Systems Inc. Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Acire Systems Inc.

Acire Systems Inc. is an independent software vendor focused on providing simple and affordable mobile software applications designed for people and enterprises "on the go". With over 20 years ...more

Employees: 1
Founded: 2008
Technologies:   Blackberry   

Ottawa, Canada

Lixar Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

Lixar's collaborative process empowers client aspirations through personalized architecture, design, development, implementation, and support; delivering a natural user experience with enterprise-l...more

Employees: 121
Founded: 2000
Technologies:   Android    iOS    Blackberry   

Ottawa, Canada

bitHeads Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Bit Heads

bitHeads builds the hybrid enterprise applications you need to improve efficiency, the consumer apps you want to grow market share, the IoT applications you can create new markets with, and the rap...more

Employees: 58
Founded: 1995
Technologies:   Android    iOS    Blackberry    Windows Mobile    HTML5   

Ottawa, Canada

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