• Product Announcement: Import your customer reviews to your ContractIQ Profile, in under a minute!

    Customer Reviews are important credibility artifacts. You earn the old-fashioned way – Do a good job. Do it consistently. At ContractIQ.com, we want to give you one more place to showcase and flaunt your customer reviews. Introducing ‘Imported Reviews’ – A one-minute import of your existing customer reviews! I’m sure most…

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  • Top iOS Developers in India


    At ContractIQ, there’s something for everyone. Starting this month, we’re launching a new project on our homepage – To identify and showcase top mobile developers across platforms, countries and focus verticals. We thought long and hard about how we could make lives simpler for developers trying to scramble to the forefront…

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  • Top 50 Mobile Application Development Companies – A curated list


    Update: We originally wrote this post in late 2013. Much has changed in the mobile app development world, since then. We even went ahead and published two editions of the ‘Mobile App Developer Report’ that answers many questions that confound most of you, that are looking to find app developers…

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  • Looking Beyond The Hype – The Blockchain Credibility

    blockchain and countries

    Blockchain has caught the attention of individuals, corporates, and governments. In a world looking for ways to make its existing processes more efficient, Blockchain seems to fit in with ease. Here is an article that will help you distinguish between the hype and reality, with real-life use case scenarios. In…

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  • The Outsourcing Saga – Asia vs Europe vs Africa

    Outsourcing of applications and software development is a key source of GDP and exports for many countries. India, China, Vietnam, etc., are few of the largest hubs for software development outsourcing. Outsourcing companies provide a wide range of services. They have expertise in technologies such as IoT, Blockchain and AI/ML.…

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  • Should you outsource blockchain development work?

    Blockchain Outsourcing

    To quote a cliché, blockchain is a relatively new technology that is still some time off mass adoption. This is mainly because people are still trying to understand what it is and how it works. Having said that, there are companies that have recognized its potential and have started implementing…

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  • Do you need blockchain for your business?

    Blockchain for business

    Investment in blockchain in the first 5 months of 2018 had already exceeded that of the whole of 2017. Moreover, a KPMG report seems to indicate that the biggest blockchain investments are moving beyond the experimental phase, telling us that the more established companies have raised significant capital to meaningfully…

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  • How Brainstorming Right Keywords Can Make Your App Successful

    keyword planner

    App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing your app to gain top ranking in the app store or play store. Just like in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), in ASO, the right keywords play an important role in order to achieve top ranking for your app. Basically, keywords have the…

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  • 10 Ways You Can Use Analytics to Maximize Your App’s Performance

    10 Ways You Can Use Analytics

    Image: Pexels The world of mobile apps is its own kind of ecosystem. Like living beings, apps interact with users and make an impact on their lives. There are conversations, transactions, buying and selling, feelings, rejections, and a whole lot more. Apps are the tools you use to engage with…

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  • The future of mobile: bots

    mobile bots trends

    It’s been less than a year since David Marcus, VP of Facebook’s messaging products in an interview on stage at the Web Summit in Lisbon said that here are now 33,000 developers who have written 34,000 chatbots for Messenger. Marcus also acknowledged that there were growing pains, with many of…

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  • List of Most Preferred Responsive Web Design Frameworks

    website and responsive app development

    Here are some reliable and most preferred CSS and HTML5 responsive web design frameworks with compatibility features. These frameworks are powerful and lightweight. Responsive web design is what gives the websites an interactive feel and consistent experiences across all channels. Today, it has become essentially important for the betterment of…

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  • Enterprise Chat Apps Can Become Swiss Army Knives

    mobile chat apps

    Have you used a kitchen knife? Now, have you used a Swiss Army knife? If you have used both of them, you will know the difference. They are both essentially the same, but entirely different. A kitchen knife will help you cut things, while a swiss army knife will even help…

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  • Challenges of Developing Virtual Reality Applications

    lobal Virtual Reality market

    Inspired by the success of Pokemon GO and Snapchat lenses, tech-savvy companies seek new ways to engage customers and pour billions into VR/AR projects. As a result, the global Virtual Reality market will top $ 33 billion in 5 years. Pavel Shylenok, CTO at R-Style Lab, however, doesn’t share the…

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