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There are two seemingly two worlds – Post-accelerated startups and Post-funded startups. But can they be more common, in their struggle to build?
One is building to test product-market fit and the other is testing product-revenue fit. In the center, lies their ability to build, deploy and iterate (everyday if possible)!
So what’s the chance that a wall-street trained investment analyst who’s bitten by the startup bug, would actually also become a product monster? How is she going to lure the geek who thinks he can figure out business on his own? Remember how 90% of the products die in the first year? It needn’t be that bad, if everyone gets to ship a product, at least once to the market. If you don’t have a technical founder, the way app development is priced in western markets, many won’t last beyond a couple of months if they have to hire a contractor.
If you are a funded startup, you’re no less different. The additional money you have is paid in monthly intervals to the overlords at Rackspace, Google and the countless other A/B/LandingPage/Analyitics/Inbound marketing services. Not to mention – The new coffee machine that brews like a Barista!
So, good dev shops that deliver products while not bleeding you for cash, would always be in demand.
Enter ContractIQ – An online marketplace where you can find such elite dev shops.
That’s just one part of the story – How about $500 credits every day for one of you, which puts an expert by your side, to pick the right dev shop? Granted!
One good startup everyday gets an expert from our side for free (forever long it takes you find that elusive, good dev shop)! Deal?
So if you’re build an awesome product (in your head) and would like someone to code it out for you, throw your hat at 365 Startups!


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