Does your customer testify for you?


Getting customers to write testimonials is as old a concept as web itself. As a service provider, you follow the industry custom of getting your customers write-up 140 characters within inverted quotes. Somehow, that blurb is the reason new customers award business to you. Or may be not!

Testimonials are a way for your customers to say “Go do business with them and you’d be happy you did”. But merely stating that does not give enough confidence than what your marketing copy gives.

Do you know that there are at least 30 different things that directly alter a customer’s perception and experience of you, as a provider? If you have got a customer and they repeat to do business with you, it means that you have scored high on majority of them.

Bain Consulting sponsored research, says that the best way to measure loyalty is to ask a customer if they would promote your business to a friend. The good news is you can metric-ize the customer perception and arrive at a “Net Promotor Score” which is essentially the difference between promotors and detractors of your business.

Now think of how much you have missed by merely getting a sound byte from your customer, instead of measuring how you faired on those 30 parameters in your customer’s perception. Imagine, how the results of such an exercise can transform your staid testimonial page into a data-rich and objective way of telling your prospective customers that you are a trustworthy firm to do business with.

Measuring your customer satisfaction and loyalty is the first step towards identifying which ones are more likely to be your advocate and which ones are not. When you find that, you have with you, a new channel for incoming leads. Incent your best customers to suggest your company to their network of peers.

The earlier you invest on tracking customer perceptions, the easier it is identify the right attention areas. Naturally that’s the way to increase your promotors and reduce your detractors.

So before you think of expanding your sales team to achieve scale, see if you have tapped the better and more important channel of existing customers, for a good customer sells better than a new sales guy!

ContractIQ can help you measure your net promotor score & provides a way for your customers to endorse you during critical decision milestones of your prospects. If you are a service provider and would like to setup a free session for your executives on Net Promotor Score, contact us!

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