Announcing – ‘Friends of Startups’ Initiative

(This successful initiative is now closed. Goto to refer a dev shop)

We love startups. We have a bias for the brotherhood from the trenches.In fact, ContractIQ loves startups so much that we have built a whole new platform for people to recommend service providers for startups.

We are working really hard to find the best dev shops in each market, that has a developer ecosystem. We can’t do it alone. We need your help! Just go here and put in your list of good dev shops.

We already have in our database, a list of 15 providers who among them can pretty much handle all popular tech stacks and have very happy startup customers who go out of their way to recommend them! We need more!

Today, we announce the ‘Friends of Startups’  Initiative!

Do you hangout in the Startup Weekend event,often? Do you organize hackathons and SuperHappyDevHouse in your basement? Are you the jelly meetup guy? Do you hustle with geeks?

Do you like to help startups in whichever way you can?

So, the next time a startup founder asks you to refer a dev shop, send him/her our way! We curate a list of best dev shops based on the recommendations from people like you and startups who have worked with them! There’s a high chance that whoever we recommend, is among the best! You’re friend’s in safe hands!

High Five?

It gets even better! As a way of saying ‘Thanks!”, we offer you 30% of our referral fee that we charge service providers upto a maximum of $500, when a startup you refer, works with a dev shop that we recommend!

Hugs? We are bad at it (like  Sheldon Cooper!), but if you insist,why not?

Not really in for the money? – Aww.. soo nice! We pass on your share back to the startup you referred!


Let’s talk. Email our founder – with your referrals. He’ll be thrilled!

Note to self: I should stop referring myself in third person singular, even if doing so makes me feel like an (expensive) suit wearing boss!


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