App Monetization with Apple Affiliate Program | Interview with Jesse Lakes

In  our recent interview with Jesse Lakes, Co-Founder & CEO at GeoRiot, we discussed about how mobile app developers and publishers could make revenue through an AppStore Affiliate program.

About Georiot – GeoRiot provides industry leading affiliate linking capabilities to app developers, music labels and Internet marketers. With a single, unified link, global (iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store) traffic, is directed to the appropriate, geo-specific item in a user’s local storefront to improve international user experience. Additionally, the GeoRiot service allows its clients to leverage the many country-specific affiliate programs simultaneously, to often doubling their revenue from international affiliate commissions.

Interviewer – Ashwin Ramasamy, Founder of ContractIQ

Topics Discussed-

  1. Basics of App Store Affiliate Program
  2. How to make revenue through Affiliate Programs?
  3. Impact of the affiliate programs on the user-experience
  4. How to get insights about user behavior and conversion metrics through this program?
  5. Managing affiliate programs across different countries

Has affiliate programs worked for you? How have you tackled the problem of efficiency with having to run affiliate programs across various regional app stores?


  • Thanks again for the opportunity to chat and my apologies for all the background noise during the conversation. Our co-workers dogs, who regularly come to the office with us, wanted to be part of the conversation too!