Big Data Analytics Companies in India

BigData - by Jim Kaskade (Flickr Creative Commons)

Companies that are into Big Data Analytics are quite in demand and India is no different.  Consequently, the repertoire of organisations devoted to Big Data Analytics in different disciplines is but on the rise. The following lot are some of India’s most prominent Big Data Analytics firms.


1. Orzota

India - Service - 1 - Orzota A Big Data Solutions company devoted to making Big Data easy for consumption, Orzota looks at solving the complexity of securing big data in order to help organisations accelerate their own projects. Having handled companies in the fields of technology, telecom, financial and retail markets, Orzota has provided technology-enabled services to help businesses accelerate their big data projects. The company offers a comprehensive view of how Big Data processing, analytics and Enterprise Information Management can come together using proven methods, architectures and leading practices to offer the best bouquet of results. The organisation is renowned for its use of technology and tools that help in rapid prototyping and deployment, cutting short the time to implement a Big Data Management solution. Orzota is currently managed by Shanti Subramanyam, Bharath Mundlapudi and Sai Sivam, and its repertoire of work includes handling strategy, architecture, data warehouse augmentation, proof of concept and data science and analytics.
Verticals: Manufacturing, media, insurance, oil and gas, finance and retail among other things.
Management: Shanti Subramanyam, Bharath Mundlapudi and Sai Sivam


2. LatentView Analytics

India - Service - 3 - Latent ViewLatentView was founded by Venkat Viswanathan, Ramesh Hariharan and Pramad Jandhyala. The organisation helps clients develop result-oriented analytics solutions and deploy them. This goes towards helping their clients make smarter decisions using their data on an ongoing basis. LatentView is known for creating strong and viable solutions that assist clients in improving their extent of marketing performance, to trade-off risks against the available opportunities, to maximise the extent of customer value while also increasing the extent of employee effectiveness. Their work spectrum involves work towards combining business domain knowledge with expertise in analytics, quantitative modelling, decision management and business research in order to build practical solutions that deliver long term business value to clients.
Verticals: Consumer Lending, Consumer Financial Services, Insurance, Consumer Goods, Retail and Technology industries
Management: Venkat Viswanathan, Ramesh Hariharan and Pramad Jandhyala


3. NoahData Tech:

India - Service - 4 - Noah Data TechNoah Data is a company that devotes itself to technology consulting and services towards assisting customers to leverage Big Data. Some of the problems that they help solve include database replication, improvement in ETL process times; ingesting unstructured data; processing data for analytics; handling multiple data sources and such else. The company works through operations such as strategic consulting, technology selection, design and architecture and implementation of the solution.   Besides this, Noah also works with Cloud environments on AWS, Rackspace and integration with Real-time data management solutions.
Verticals: Noah Data offers its solutions around three technology verticals, namely, Hadoop and NoSQL; SAP HANA and Predictive Analytics
Management: Founded by Ram Sukumar and Vijay Balaji, Noah is presently headed by Ram Sukumar and  Ramesh Ayyakutty.

4. AbsolutData

India - Service - 5 - AbsolutDataWorking with a mission to empower forward-looking organisations to make better decisions through the optimal use of data, AbsolutData works as a Decision Engineer organisation that applies analytics to help the world’s largest firms to make sound decisions on a daily basis. The organisation bridges gaps between data and insight, insight and decisions, and decisions and action. They also invest heavily in capacity building and deepening existing competencies and diversifying into new areas. The focus is heavy on thought leadership as well.
Verticals: Travel, Leisure and Hospitality; Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail.
Management: Anil Kaul (CEO and Co-Founder), Sudeshna Datta (Executive Vice President and Co-Founder) and Suhale Kapoor (Executive Vice President and Co-Founder)

5. TrendWise Analytics

India - Service - 6 - Trendwise AnalyticsTrendwise Analytics is a Big Data firm that was formed by a group of technocrats with several years of experience in the industry. The founder members of Trendwise were part of the early CRM evolution. Consequently, they remain an authority over CRM analytics. They focus on newer aspects of analytics which are yet to come of age. While Hadoop, Cloud Computing, BigData analytics for the technological basis for their work, their domain focus is on the predictive aspect of analytics which creates insights for customers like never before.
Verticals: Social Media, CRM Analytics, Mobile Analytics, HR Analytics, Television Audience measurement

6. Nanobi

India - Service - 7 - NanobiNanobi has created a cloud-inspired platform that enables concept to live creations of analytics rapidly. Technically, it is based on the open rest architecture and HTML5, and they have effectively created an easy-to-use platform for both, solution designers and business users. They have a set of prebuilt solutions that help jumpstart analytics, either on the cloud or on the premise. With experts in financial services in banking, insurance and other domains, they provide analytics as a service on the cloud.
Verticals: Banking and insurance among other things.
Management: Mahesh Ramakrishnan (Founder and CEO), Sumant Sarkar (Co-founder and Vice President-Technology), C V Vinod (Co-founder and Vice President-Industry Solutions), Dr S Jayaprakash, (Co-founder and Vice President – Industry Solutions), and Abhishek Purohit, (Co-founder and Vice President – Product Strategy and Partner Enablement)


7. TEG Analytics

India - Service - 8 - TEG AnalyticsTEG works towards shaping up a world where businesses can respond in real-time to the needs of their business. To this end, the organisation creates the insights that such responses require, either as fast as or faster than the rate of change in a given business environment. TEG helps achieve that by doing away with archaic methods of collecting, transforming and analysing data – because these take time. Instead, it uses sophisticated and automated data harmonizers, efficient big data systems (in partnership with SAP HANA), advanced statistical knowledge and intensive business domain experience to create insights at the speed of business.
Verticals: Brand and Consumer analytics, pricing and sales, marketing promotions, retail operations and risk and collections
Management: Arvind Nagpal, Dipayan Chakraborty, Sudhanshu Killedar, Arpan Gupta and Abhijit Bhattacharya

8. Analytics Quotient

India - Service - 9 - Analytics QuotientA marketing analytics company, Analytics Quotient looks at unravelling the stories behind data. They solve clients’ business problems using storytelling as a technique to extrace business insights from data by innovatively using marketing consulting frameworks, design, statistics, CRM, transaction analysis and technology. In addition, they also build cutting-edge data visualisation tools and custom analytics products which help clients slice, dice, simmulate and monitor business data.
Verticals: Food and beverages, Retail markets, oil and gas, entertainment, educational accreditation, consumer technology and nutrition
Management: Pritha Choudhuri, Durga Prasad Kamineni, Vinay Ramesh, Neerav Naik and Parthasarathy Vallabhajosyula


9. Bridge i2i

India - Service - 10 - Bridge i2iBRIDGEi2i provides Business Analytics Solutions to enterprises globally, enabling them to achieve accelerated business impact harnessing the power of data. These analytics services and technology solutions enable business managers to consume more meaningful information from big data, generate actionable insights from complex business problems and make data driven decisions across pan-enterprise processes to create sustainable business impact. They provide services such as customer intelligence, marketing effectiveness, price optimisation, sales effectiveness, risk management and operations planning.
Verticals: Financial services, insurance, technology, education, retail and consumer packaged goods.
Management: Prithvijit Roy (CEO and Co-founder), Ashish Sharma (Director and Co-Founder) and Pritam Kanti Paul (Director and Co-Founder)

10. FractalAnalytics

India - Service - 11 - FractalFractalAnalytics provides services in the form of analytics that creates insight, impact and innovation. They have the widest global footprint among analytics providers with experience gleaning insights from structured and unstructured data in over 150 countries and serve clients from all over the world. They function in areas of Business Intelligence, Global Analytics Partnerships, Customer Insights, Market Effectiveness and Pricing Analytics.
Verticals: Consumer Goods, Financial Services, Insurance, Retail and Technology
Management: Srikanth Velamakanni (CEO and Founder) and Pranay Agarwal (Co-Founder)

11. Mathema Technologies

India - Service - 12 - MathemaMathema Technologies provides information technology services that include software as service solutions. With state-of-the-art technology services and solutions, Mathema provides prompt and fully dedicated responses to each client to provide comprehensive IT solutions to meet business requirements. They view information as a critical enterprise asset that displays exponential growth, and that information can be analyzed for decisions and new insights, and turned into knowledge delivered into user contexts to power modern businesses and scientific research and is the lifeblood of enterprise business processes.


12. VcubeC / V3C

India - Service - 13 - V3CVcubeC Data Analytics provides solutions for MarkLogic, Hadoop and related big data technologies. They work with customers to help them understand the nature of data processing challenges in terms of volume, variety, velocity and complexity of data. VCubeC Data Analytics assess how new big data products / platforms would fit in to help them take data based business decisions.
Management: Ashutosh Agarwal


13. Sciera

India - Service - 2 - ScieraSciera is renowned for its precise and timely data, enhanced by machine learning algorithms that have proven capacity to create actionable insights that help businesses develop personalised trigger campaigns. Sciera accomplishes this through customized data acquisition, analytics, modelling, and scoring products and processes. Their scope of activity involves Strategy Consulting, Data management, Analytic Modelling and Analytic Research.

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