How do you build an app that wins?


They say it takes time to build an audience. For any business to grow, there is no magic bullet that will turn everything green overnight.

Most of us (business owners/organizations/entrepreneurs) are willing to stimulate the audience worldwide like drawing a larger audience on your blog website, drive more visitors to our eCommerce websites, increase app downloads and so on.

Today, every retailer seems to be exploring ways and strategies to develop a mobile app that garners plenty of downloads to boost their business. Generating app adoption among users is a challenge; your app may be downloaded by thousands in just a few days, but not everyone will keep it for long.

It has been reported that on an average, 70% of downloaders abandon an app and most of them delete it forever. Why? Because people didn’t find it useful, they didn’t get what they were actually expecting from your app.

To avoid these, there a few basic things app owners can try doing.  After analyzing the current market trends and user requirements, we’ve listed 4 fundamentals to a victorious app strategy.

Develop for multiple platforms: You may not be an expert in development and design, so for a professional, cutting-edge mobile app, first and foremost, you must hire an expert and experienced app development company, like Konstant Infosolutions.

Further, if you develop your app for one platform only (like android), you’re restricting your user base. It would make sense to make your app available for iOS (and in some cases, windows too). This would give you a chance to reach the maximum mobile audience.

Better design leads to better UX: A well-thought app design gives you an edge over your competitors. User experience matters the most; embrace an engaging app design with descriptive onboarding screens, a short signup process, guest checkout option on the payment page of your eCommerce website, simple and minimal content and likewise. Similarly, bottom navigation is easy to use by hand, as we experience in apps like Facebook Messenger.

Make sure you incorporate a frictionless app design, which will lead to a smooth & clean user experience. Once the users find it interesting and useful, you will certainly gain success.

Know your potential users: Accept the fact that not everyone who downloaded will continue to use your app. So, concentrate on the audience that frequently opens and explores your app. This is the right time to build engagement. Study your app analytics – How much time does an average user spend on your app? Which segment of the users spend more time on your app?

Once you’ve determined all this, you can focus on improving your app experience for these users, and get more such users onboard.

Upgrade your app content frequently: Once your app has been loved & accepted worldwide, you can take a step ahead and keep upgrading the content, offers, images, videos on your app to encourage users to visit and use your app often (every month, fortnightly, once in two months and alike).

Users love something new, creative and fresh, so introduce new functionality, new features on your app. You can also integrate your app with social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other on-demand service apps.

For instance, Zomato, the restaurant finder app, has integrated Uber – on-demand cab service application, giving a benefit to customers to directly book a cab from Zomato if they find a good place to eat.

It’s best to work with an app strategy that generates significant value for customers as well as business value for the app owner. As people start downloading your app, you’ll want to improve it’s usage. With globally recognized app development companies like, you can focus on generating ROI and conversions through your business app.


Author Bio: Vipin Jain holds the position of Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Konstant Infosolutions, a leading offshore web development and mobile app development enterprise. Having finesse in marketing and business administration, he is involved in Research & Development and Project Management in the company. Through the years, Vipin has worked extensively to enhance Konstantinfo‘s value for its customers and has established a resourceful team of skilled developers, testers, business analysts and digital marketing professionals, responsible for developing best-in- class websites and mobile apps. Besides motivating change within the company, Vipin has interest in penning down his technical and business intellect.

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