• 10 Ways You Can Use Analytics to Maximize Your App’s Performance

    10 Ways You Can Use Analytics

    Image: Pexels The world of mobile apps is its own kind of ecosystem. Like living beings, apps interact with users and make an impact on their lives. There are conversations, transactions, buying and selling, feelings, rejections, and a whole lot more. Apps are the tools you use to engage with…

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  • How to cope with new technology & disruption


    Every couple of years a new piece of software or hardware disrupts the industry and completely changes the playing field. While this happens, existing technologies become obsolete. Before I talk about how to cope with this(a humble effort as experts far more smarter than I have gone wrong too!), let’s…

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  • A Pokemon Go case study on scale


    The game that has one of the highest number of active users(an estimated 26 million in the US) and broke the download record in the Apple app store for most number of downloads in it’s opening week. It’s also the reason Nintendo’s(part owner of Niantic Inc) stock went up by…

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  • Top 5 Tips for using Analytics in Online Marketing.


    Online marketing is a very challenging field; evolving technology combined with changing expectations can make it difficult even for the most experienced marketer to produce results. One area that has seen a lot of growth is analytics, which offer an incredible amount of information which when used correctly, can help…

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  • Client engagement gets elevated with Big Data and VR

    client engagement

    Certain things are easier said than done. Client engagement is one of them, even if it is a key force driving your business to success. To enhance your client engagement, you have to think beyond traditional CRM, and embrace cutting-edge technology. Thanks to the revolutionary advancements paved by Smartphones, the…

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  • Hire R Programmers after checking these statistics!

    R, a programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics, has its own slew of programmers who work as statisticians and data miners, for developing statistical software and data analysis. The burgeoning need for statistics and data mining in a day and age that is so heavily inclined…

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  • Big Data Analytics Companies in India

    Companies that are into Big Data Analytics are quite in demand and India is no different.  Consequently, the repertoire of organisations devoted to Big Data Analytics in different disciplines is but on the rise. The following lot are some of India’s most prominent Big Data Analytics firms.   1. Orzota…

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