• Looking Beyond The Hype – The Blockchain Credibility

    blockchain and countries

    Blockchain has caught the attention of individuals, corporates, and governments. In a world looking for ways to make its existing processes more efficient, Blockchain seems to fit in with ease. Here is an article that will help you distinguish between the hype and reality, with real-life use case scenarios. In…

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  • Should you outsource blockchain development work?

    Blockchain Outsourcing

    To quote a clich√©, blockchain is a relatively new technology that is still some time off mass adoption. This is mainly because people are still trying to understand what it is and how it works. Having said that, there are companies that have recognized its potential and have started implementing…

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  • Do you need blockchain for your business?

    Blockchain for business

    Investment in blockchain in the first 5 months of 2018 had already exceeded that of the whole of 2017. Moreover, a KPMG report seems to indicate that the biggest blockchain investments are moving beyond the experimental phase, telling us that the more established companies have raised significant capital to meaningfully…

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