• How Brainstorming Right Keywords Can Make Your App Successful

    keyword planner

    App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing your app to gain top ranking in the app store or play store. Just like in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), in ASO, the right keywords play an important role in order to achieve top ranking for your app. Basically, keywords have the…

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  • The future of mobile: bots

    mobile bots trends

    It’s been less than a year since David Marcus, VP of Facebook’s messaging products in an interview on stage at the Web Summit in Lisbon said that here are now 33,000 developers who have written 34,000 chatbots for Messenger. Marcus also acknowledged that there were growing pains, with many of…

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  • List of Most Preferred Responsive Web Design Frameworks

    website and responsive app development

    Here are some reliable and most preferred CSS and HTML5 responsive web design frameworks with compatibility features. These frameworks are powerful and lightweight. Responsive web design is what gives the websites an interactive feel and consistent experiences across all channels. Today, it has become essentially important for the betterment of…

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  • Enterprise Chat Apps Can Become Swiss Army Knives

    mobile chat apps

    Have you used a kitchen knife? Now, have you used a Swiss Army knife? If you have used both of them, you will know the difference. They are both essentially the same, but entirely different. A kitchen knife will help you cut things, while a swiss army knife will even help…

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  • Challenges of Developing Virtual Reality Applications

    lobal Virtual Reality market

    Inspired by the success of Pokemon GO and Snapchat lenses, tech-savvy companies seek new ways to engage customers and pour billions into VR/AR projects. As a result, the global Virtual Reality market will top $ 33 billion in 5 years. Pavel Shylenok, CTO at R-Style Lab, however, doesn’t share the…

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  • How to Keep Your Development Project on Budget


    Are you developing a new app for your business? During a development project, additional expenses have a way of sneaking up on us seemingly out of nowhere. In order to prevent going over your budget, you really have to stay on top of certain aspects of the project to make…

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  • Everything You Need to Know about Mobile Payments

    Mobile payment technologies

    Mobile payments are expected to boom this year. Market penetration of mobile devices is constantly on the rise, so no wonder that retailers are eager to introduce mobile payment services to provide better experiences to their customers. Take public transport as an example – by the beginning of 2016, over…

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  • Top 5 considerations for accepting mobile payments

    security for mobile payments

    If you’ve ever published a mobile app, you know that unique coding constraints add a level of complexity to the development process. And when it comes to coding for mobile payments, things get a little more complicated. One of the most careful considerations app developers have to make when coding…

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  • Top 50 KPIs for Mobile Apps: The Ultimate Guide

    mobile app marketing KPIs

    So you’ve created an awesome mobile app. The design is perfectly intuitive and visually stunning. It works even better than you thought it would. In fact, you are starting to wonder how you ever lived without it. You’re even starting to see some measurable results based on industry standard key…

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  • Digital product development needs more than just innovation to succeed

    digital product development

    In an age where going mobile has become a norm, innovation has become more essential to move ahead of the curve. Innovation will differentiate you from the rest. By keeping an eye on current trends and user behavior, you can come up new strategies to keep up with those changes,…

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