• Mcommerce has boosted sale conversions!


    There have been new turning points in the history of mobile technology that have radically changed the way the world is connected, steering their social and business fulfillment. One of the milestones reached here is the availability of Mobile Apps for most web services. After mobile-responsive websites, mobile apps take…

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  • Mobile engagement strategies for the 1st time app publisher.

    mobile engagement

    It’s not enough to just have people download your app. Yes, it is important for monetization purposes but it is also important to get more users because that’s how App Store search algorithms rank an app.We will walk through the best mobile engagement tactics to ensure your app gets the…

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  • Startup outsourcing – Not advisable at early stages.

    Much is said about how outsourcing is the best option for an early stage startup to build their product and make it scale but that’s merely 30-40% of the time when outsourcing succeeds. Nearly 60% of all startup outsourcing efforts usually end up in a failure. Compound this with the…

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  • Poland Outsourcing – A wise choice?

    Outsourcing to Poland the best option in Europe

    As,demonstrated in the 2016 A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index, Poland outsourcing has become a prominent option for those looking to outsource their app development to Europe, . Mobile app development has attained a new interest in many countries and Poland is seeing an increase in mobile app developers. Many clients have…

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  • Top Mobile App Developers in USA

    “In the last 3.5 years, we’ve spoken to 10000+ mobile app development companies, that employ half a million app developers. My secret hobby has been to pick the special ones and file them in my spreadsheet – the ones that have one leg in the future, when it comes to…

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  • Software outsourcing contracts – Non-compete clause

      We get customers on our marketplace, who have a huge endowment effect (which means, “The mere fact that you own something makes you estimate its value to be higher than it really is!”). Their ideas are precious and they need to be protected, at all costs. I understand and…

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  • The curse of knowledge

    The biggest blind spot for any company is the ‘curse of knowledge’. Presumably, our companies are started because we felt so strongly about a problem; a void that we have a unique approach to solving and we do. Doing it over years, make us the experts and arguably so. With…

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  • Mobile App Development Projects for India (Product Announcement)

    So, we’ve been overwhelmed with people wanting to build apps for mobile and web. Particularly, there has been a deluge of enquiries from all major cities in India. You’ve a business plan and then there is reality. We never set ourselves up to service 1000s of micro and small businesses…

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  • It pays to work with a vendor with exact experience

    60% of outsourced product development efforts fail to meet the expectations of the project owner. In ContractIQ’s own platform the failure rate is about 10%. Why is there a dramatic difference? What do we do so well that the rest of the market does not? Our secret sauce is really…

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  • Are you in India or Eastern Europe and planning to outsource? Don’t, if possible!

    Outsourcing might seem like a good option, especially when it has produced tremendous results across the oceans in the US and in Western Europe. Primarily a wise cost arbitrage option , for the world outside of India, the same toolkit does not work well if your business is based in…

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