• Outsourcing web/mobile app development – For Early Stage Startups – The idea homework!

    For the purpose of this discussion outsourcing here refers to product development outsourcing for internet startups and app development means programming (typically PHP, RoR, Python, Scala etc.) and not design. Design outsourcing is a topic that needs a separate blog post. Most early stage startups that ContractIQ has worked with, in…

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  • The second best way to find a great dev agency – A guest post by Shabda Raaj

    (The best way obviously is to talk to ContractIQ.) So you are a startup! You are looking to hire a dev agency. You find one which is a good technological fit and a good cultural fit. Now, you want to vet them by asking for references. “Let us talk to…

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  • ContractIQ for dev agencies

    We started ContractIQ, so that it get’s easier to discover the right dev agencies. So what makes it tough now, that it has to be made easier? Noise: Think of the ways you promote your dev agency now. Twitter, FB, Quora, GitHub, Stack, LinkedIn, SEO, Ads, Sponsoring events etc.? All…

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  • Scam Artists & the art of avoidance

    I thought it would be a bad idea to write about a quirky method one of us used, to evaluate service providers. It is typing “the name of the provider + scam” in Google search and read what the employees & customers rant about. Turns out a popular VC that…

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  • Does your customer testify for you?

      Getting customers to write testimonials is as old a concept as web itself. As a service provider, you follow the industry custom of getting your customers write-up 140 characters within inverted quotes. Somehow, that blurb is the reason new customers award business to you. Or may be not! Testimonials…

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  • Adverse Selection problem of SMB Outsourcing

    Depending on which analyst’s data you rely on, [tweetherder]50% to 70% of IT Outsourcing projects fail[/tweetherder]. ContractIQ estimates that firms between 10 employees and sub-500 million dollars revenue, spend a little more than 100 billion dollars on IT Outsourcing. So if we assume a direct correlation between absolute failure count…

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