• Minimum Viable Product – how much is too much?

    minimum viable product

    How much is too much in a minimum viable product? Remember that your MVP is your first chance to see if your idea would work or not. You need to test your minimum viable product with a small, pre-determined set of users to confirm that there is a need for…

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  • Interviewing Calvin Carter from Bottle Rocket – Top Dallas App Developer

    Top Dallas app developer

    Bottle Rocket Studios is a digital technology agency based in Dallas. They specialize in mobile app development and digital transformation. They’ve ranked 1st among the top Dallas app development companies on ContractIQ. Here, we’re speaking to Calvin Carter, founder & CEO of Bottle Rocket, who gives us his thoughts on entrepreneurship,…

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  • How safe are we from cyberattacks?

    Are we safe from cyberattacks?

    The US presidential elections have raised some serious concerns regarding the safety of the electoral process and it’s vulnerabilities to Russian cyberattacks. On close introspection about this issue, one stark fact comes to light: smartphones are some of the most vulnerable devices in cyberattacks. This is of serious concern, as…

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  • Interviewing Ricardo Casas from Fahrenheit Marketing – Top Austin app Developer

    Fahrenheit Marketing Top app developer

    Fahrenheit Marketing is a design and development firm based in Austin. They specialise in mobile and web apps as well as marketing automation. They’ve ranked 8th among the top Austin app developers on ContractIQ. Here, we’re speaking to Ricardo who founded Fahrenheit back in 2008. He speaks his mind about…

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  • Self-driving cars – state of the industry

    Tesla model S - Self-driving cars

    Things are different now as compared to 2013 when Google made a $250 Million investment in Uber. Google has been pursuing the research and development of self-driving cars for a while now. Uber, on the other hand has also started its pursuit of the driverless car.  While it would be…

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  • How data analytics has always been around

    Data analytics - older than we think!

    Use of data analytics in business has recently hit the mainstream with a lot of tech startups adopting various tools to improve their business. But there is a lesser-known side to this story which is easily ignored – analytics has always been around! Scientists, for example, have been using it…

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  • ContractIQ interviews: Mukesh Unnikrishnan


    This interview marks the beginning of a new interview series with some ContractIQ alumni as well as existing employees and advisors. We begin with Mukesh, the happy-go-lucky, startup-loving developer who was with us from August 2014 until the end of 2015. Kozhikode in Kerala is his hometown and he worked…

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  • How do you build an app that wins?


    They say it takes time to build an audience. For any business to grow, there is no magic bullet that will turn everything green overnight. Most of us (business owners/organizations/entrepreneurs) are willing to stimulate the audience worldwide like drawing a larger audience on your blog website, drive more visitors to…

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  • Pitfalls of overselling your capabilities

    overelling can cause stress

    While it might sound impressive initially, you’d be cutting a sorry figure once the client has found out that you’re all smoke with no fire. It’s something everyone can end up doing from time to time. If left unchecked, it can even become involuntary while speaking to prospects. It could…

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  • Why a services shop should consider product development

    Product development

    Riddle me this: what gives your software services company a steady revenue stream, more experience, better-looking portfolio and capability to serve more demanding customers? If you guessed it, you’re right – A software product. Now there are many people who would list out the challenges involved in product development along…

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