Common mistakes while hiring an app developer

Hiring an app developer

On a regular basis, we get a lot of requests for mobile app development from customers across the globe. With the ever-evolving mobile platforms and never ending upgrades, an IT shop like ours is perennially searching for brilliant mobile developers with excellent skillset. After having interviewed dozens of candidates, I’d like to point out a few mistakes that you (as an interviewer) could avoid while hiring the right mobile developer who can really pack a punch to your team!

Watch out for the “quickie app” developers

Most candidates who reply to the mobile development job posting are asked about how much time they took to complete an app. Many say that it took them just a day or two. You need to dig deeper into the features of the app to really judge if that was actually possible or not.

 From president to postman

Most candidates usually say that they assumed multiple roles while development of the app was happening. As an interviewer, you need to get more details on what were the responsibilities during each phase.  Probe into specifics when this topic comes up and you might be surprised about where the conversation leads to.

 Not pondering about relevant work ex and interests

If you are trying to hire an app developer to work on new technologies, then you should not ignore the related work experience of the developer. Prior industry experience in developing apps equips one with knowledge about handling projects. Hiring a developer who has built his/her own app that has been published on the Google Play/iStore platform is added advantage. Also look for candidates who actively participate in local hacking events or conferences.

 Not considering the work portfolio

Before screening, the profile has to be thoroughly checked to get an idea about past work and the clients for which the person worked with. These factors help in making your decision easier. Take some time to download the app built by the candidate and play around with the app. This will give you a good chance to gauge their skill proficiency, even before the interview starts!

Not considering references

It easy to hire someone, if the person has worked for a reputed client or has a recommendation from a known source.   Due to the comfort factor, people usually like working with people they already know. Getting your HR team to setup an effective employee referral program will set things up nice.

Not looking at the entire lifecycle

App development is not a one-time activity as a single roll out of the app will have to go through much iteration. Developing an app is not just coding it involves number of steps such as design, user experience, testing, and hosting. Hence hire someone who can play a role in the entire lifecycle and is flexible to work with across different project stages. Look out for someone who is involved in different stages of app building from initial development to app hosting.

Not sharing the detailed Job Description

The best way to initially filter out candidates is by sharing a detailed Job Description. This makes the requirement and role crystal clear to any prospective candidate. Your HR and marketing teams can do a terrific job of writing an really enticing Job Description that can appeal to the right candidates.

 Not spending enough time in hiring

A lot of companies don’t spend enough time in hiring an application developer. Hiring only starts with the advent of a new lead that has been brought in by the Business Development team. Not everything can be evaluated in a couple of days. So it is advisable to spend quality time in hiring the right candidate who can be with your company for a long time. Also spend some additional time on assessing the culture fit of the candidate.

As mobile technology gets updated on a daily basis, getting the right candidate is an uphill task for many an IT firm. The market has a huge demand for talented mobile developers and the competition is fierce! Some of the above mentioned practices and pointers would help you to filter out the wrong candidates at a much earlier stage, thus ensuring that your technical team spends time interviewing only those candidates that are most likely to make the cut.

About the author: Rajiv Mathew is the head of Marketing at Compassites Software. He is a hands-on technology marketing & communications professional with proven expertise in multiple facets of the marketing spectrum. He loves branding and has been in love with it from school days!

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