Construction Sales Apps: The Building Blocks for Your Successful Business


As the construction business is literally the force that transforms and develops the physical world, it sure would be limited and stifled in the office. Yet, office-related technologies are indispensable at all the construction business stages including the very starting point – sales.

By listing the necessary ‘building blocks’ of successful construction sales, we would like to demonstrate how they can be facilitated with a construction sales app for tablets and smartphones.

Instant project estimation

Construction is often the industry of agile deals, which is especially true for small and mid-sized players. Often, once a salesperson is asked for the project price estimate, they have to name it right away in order not to miss a bargain. Telling the price of a construction project is, at the same time, a difficult task even when given a sufficient amount of time: there are dozens of conditions and hundreds of items and procedures that are to be reflected in the price. It’s a hard intellectual work, no matter how you look at it.

Certainly, complex calculation programs are always involved in creating a BoM. But a mobile device with a smart configuration app can be superior and far more convenient in use than the most compact laptop.

A construction sales app with a calculation feature can be tailored specifically to your specialization segment and project types, and include a kit of materials that are often used in calculations. Sales representatives can dynamically change project parameters and easily manipulate prices. In the case of electrical engineering, by choosing a cheaper cable a salesperson can instantly see how the BoM grand total would change.

Thus, a sales app with calculation will help your sales force to get a fast grip on any deal. With its help, they will close only the deals that would be of a benefit to the business. And as they will do estimates fast, no bargains will be missed.

Field data collection and organization

However there’re projects that take some time to think. It’s often the case with reconstruction and redesign: they may require less construction work in practice but have more problematic details to be taken into account while estimating a price, compared to projects from scratch. The speed of closing deals is slower there, too.

This difference is quite natural, since a construction sales representative would definitely need time to consult a biology expert, for example, to learn whether some suspicious fungi on the building floors can be securely removed for good or a complete reflooring is unavoidable. Without this knowledge, they can’t create an estimate, since reflooring is a big part of the project that affects the grand total drastically. And it may be only one of multiple issues.

For a consultation, a sales representative would need to either schedule a meeting with an expert at a reconstruction site (which won’t be easy and will extend the sales cycle even more) or visit them at their office and present the data already gathered at the construction site. The second alternative is obviously sounder, but collecting field information in a manner that will be convenient and sufficient for further work is a challenge that only portable devices and smart software can answer.

A construction sales app with a feature to collect/organize data can help sales representatives create a list of questions or issues they have to check before going into the field, so that even an inexperienced sales representative could effectively gather necessary data.

With a sales app like this, your sales force can make snapshots of anything they are troubled about onsite. They can also link digital notes to the pictures to leave captures explaining the fault. Another option is to attach ready-made tags, which will save time and speed up the process of gathering information.

It is also easy to create separate entities for different projects and get each newly taken photo grouped with the pictures of the same project automatically. Such a neat organization in a sales app will be useful for your representatives in their communication with experts, since it will let them provide as many field data as needed and get a helpful consultation.

Onsite documentation work

Although documentation is as important in construction as in any other industry (if not more, because of massive budgets involved), construction sites are hardly compatible with paperwork. Most of the times, all agreements are composed on random sheets of paper and only then drawn up by lawyers and signed as official documents.

Using a sales app that includes document templates would mean a transfer to digital paperwork that would put the burden off everyone involved in bureaucratic processes. Drafted in the app, contracts will only need an electronic signature from your customer. A copy of this digital contract is then automatically sent out to both sides and is easily retrievable.


Mobile sales apps for construction industry can have various features that help your sales force quickly create estimates, have their field information neatly organized and do paperwork electronically. Having these three ‘building blocks’ on your hands, you raise the chances of closing more deals and advancing your business. If you wonder about your next step, we suggest contacting our experts for a consultation on sales application development.

Author Bio: Andrei Khomushka, Head of Android Development Department at ScienceSoft.

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