ContractIQ for dev agencies

We started ContractIQ, so that it get’s easier to discover the right dev agencies. So what makes it tough now, that it has to be made easier?

Noise: Think of the ways you promote your dev agency now. Twitter, FB, Quora, GitHub, Stack, LinkedIn, SEO, Ads, Sponsoring events etc.? All these work but none of these channels are purpose built to showcase your credibility, in a manner that captures the attention of the audience. Your one tweet across a never ending timeline, that one answer in Quora are real gems that simply can not get the attention enough.

There is simply too much noise to filter out.

Peer advice: Your prospects seek peer opinions, approvals and recommendations. You may have great customers who refer work to you, all the time. What do you think, is going on behind the scenes? Your customer is selling for you, converting one friend at a time. Great! But, when is that going to scale? How would you make every prospect meet your happy customers?

The number of prospects with no experienced peers is not trivial.How do they get to know you? How would you make your customers talk to them?

ContractIQ is making it easy for unconnected peers from the industry, exchange notes about you. In other words we are chaining together, pieces of information islands which were disconnected. We are removing the chasm between your prospect and your goodwill.

Legacy: Most work marketplaces evolve their own credibility systems that vary from downright silly to very smart. But one common thread across all of them , is that they track customer satisfaction for projects delivered within the marketplace and assign credibility. They ignore the fact that you exist outside the system and you have great customers in the real world that simply wont come into this marketplace to talk for you. Your investments in people and innovation would be too fuzzy to measure and factor into your marketplace ratings.

We are changing it. We are rethinking how your real-world goodwill can smoothly flow into ContractIQ and how you could generate business by solving real problems of customers.

So, it does not matter if you are already an elite agency. It does not matter if you are not open for projects. If you are building a long term brand for your agency and like your customers to be involved in it, join us today!

Email us at info—contractiq—com and we shall get you onboarded!


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