Let’s have a few outsourcing advisory firms for lunch today!

The mission of ContractIQ is to showcase the credibility of software development companies across the world. Towards that, we’ve been spending every working hour in doing things, building stuff that shall eventually lead to better information about such companies. Ultimately everyone wins – Customers get access to relevant information. Service Providers showcase credibility. Better relationships happen.

It takes years to realize such a mission. In the mean time, we are working to improve the success rate of customers, one at a time. If you are a startup founder, small business entrepreneur or a CIO of a mid-sized enterprise, we are addressing an important need of yours – “[tweetherder]Making you aware of the choices & Picking the best provider for your software development initiatives[/tweetherder]”

Outsourcing Advisory:

In about 20 years of its collective experience, the ContractIQ team has helped over 300 startups, 4 Fortune 500 firms and a lot of small businesses convert their ideas and initiatives into successful outcomes. We’ve helped build world-class products, improve supply chain responsiveness and deliver better support to distributed global employees.

All that experience comes to you for free.

If you have an initiative that is in the intersection of mobile, web and enterprise tech, walk us through that. We shall validate the plan, rationalize the expectations, educate you about the approaches, risks, expected outcomes and introduce to a hand-curated global network of providers who have been there and done it several times over.

ContractIQ involves itself in all the provider conversations, helps you assess the fit, evaluate the proposals, calls out the risks and weighs in on intangible yet impactful traits of service providers that can move the needle for you!

With such passionate & fanatic support, over 40 businesses have found reliable software development partners and have since built great products. We’ve hand-built outsourcing strategies for them that has been working!

How does it work?

1. Drop us a note via our ‘Contact Form’  about what your initiative is

2. One of us shall call you within 24 hours to understand your context better

3. Where required we might ask for additional information, to improve our understanding of your initiative

4. Sign our ‘Vendor Referral Agreement’ that states our role as a neutral advisor

5. Within 5 working days, we shall introduce 3 providers that are vetted by us (based on conversations we’ve had with their customers)

6. In parallel, we shall schedule and participate in introductory conversations

7. Within the next 5 working days, we shall coordinate receipt of proposals

8. If required, for a fee, we shall additionally review code samples, architecture plan for your project (if relevant) and provide you with our assessment report

9. Once we arrive at a shortlist, ContractIQ shall help you with negotiation pointers for price and other contractual terms

10. Once you pick the provider of your choice, we shall check in every “x” days with you & them, to ensure that the relationship kicks off in a positive note.

So how is this different from Outsourcing Advisory firms?

– Outsourcing Advisory firms typically operate at deal values not less than $5 million. Small business advisors operate with much lower deal pipelines. However in both cases, there is a fee (often running to $100+ per hour).

– Outsourcing Advisory firms tend to begin vendor search after you sign up. Their search effort is charged on you. With ContractIQ, you’ve an ever expanding global, online platform of curated vendors. For any requirement, we could find you vendors within 5 working days at no cost.

So, did you have that moment of epiphany? Let’s talk then. Reach out to us through the  ‘Contact Form’ !




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