Enterprise Chat Apps Can Become Swiss Army Knives

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Have you used a kitchen knife? Now, have you used a Swiss Army knife? If you have used both of them, you will know the difference. They are both essentially the same, but entirely different. A kitchen knife will help you cut things, while a swiss army knife will even help you survive wilderness with its multi-utilitarian capabilities.

Ordinary chat apps and enterprise chat apps are basically like kitchen knives and swiss army knives.


Chat apps help you chat with your near and dear ones. Some popular chat apps like WhatsApp might even help you do some advanced tasks like voice and video calling. Whereas, enterprise chat apps are capable of much more. They can be made to possess super-productive collaborative features that enterprise users need to keep moving and get things done on the go.

Some distinguishing features of enterprise chat apps include:

  • Screen sharing
  • Geo-location sharing
  • File/Multimedia sharing
  • Video conferencing
  • Secured group chat rooms
  • Centralized administration
  • High-level scalability
  • Push notifications
  • All-device & OS compatibility

Despite having all these features, most users, even those in the corporate arena tend to consider chat apps as just another app available from an App store. There are some advantages of using customized enterprise chat apps that go unnoticed to most people.

Untold facts about enterprise chat apps


They can be super-secure

Is my data secure? This is one question that torments every smartphone user. Especially for corporate users for whom the risk of insider leaks or data theft can wreak havoc, the need for security is extremely important. Enterprise chat apps can be designed to be secure and comply with all standards that ensure data integrity and confidentiality and security. In other words, they are super-secure from phishing, spyware and other malicious software that ordinary chat apps tend to get affected with.

They can be built for heavy-communicators & collaborators

Can you imagine transacting or overseeing a sale transaction merely with an instant messaging app? It is cumbersome right. However, an enterprise chat app can throw in some weight here. It can make collaboration and communication easier and simpler. For instance, let’s assume your field selling personnel is in a remote location and in want of product demo videos. From the backend, anyone from the sales team can share and broadcast their screen to the field personnel’s device thus meeting the need for demo video.

They can do more than just exchanging messages

Enterprise chat apps are not just for chatting. They are tech extensions that enable employees to collaborate seamlessly without being bogged by device or system compatibility issues. They are capable of doing everything from sending/receiving files of diverse formats, screen-sharing, location sharing, message archival and much more. In fact, enterprise chat apps allow users to quickly search and trace files from their previous chat logs, something we do on our desktop or web browser.

They can be omni-present

Look around you. Do everyone you see use the same phone or the same OS? Android, iOS, Windows; there is so much diversity in devices and the way they function. Enterprise chat apps understand this existent diversity in workplaces and are equipped to function in all possible devices and operating systems. You can communicate with your peer who uses Android from your iPhone or Windows desktop without any restraints. This makes enterprise chat apps a cut above the ordinary chat apps available in App stores.

They can reduce costs in an intangible manner

We cannot say for certain how much money enterprise chat apps will save for an organization or by how much percentage can it improve RoI. But, consider this possibility: your remote employees no longer have to wait to reach a desktop to get things done. Users spread across continents and even time zones can collaborate on a real-time basis, which undeniably amplifies productivity and work experience. The result is an invisible but felt improvement in work productivity.

Considering all these untold facts about chat apps we can confirm for sure that enterprise chat apps are nothing like chat apps that you might be using regularly. They are like custom-built, military-grade Swiss army knives that have multiple capabilities to survive the wilderness of corporate communication and collaboration.

About the author: Vakula Chetty works with Contus, as a Digital Marketing Executive. Her core interests lies in content creation related to technology, mobile + web applications, cloud technology and eCommerce. Contus Fly is their messaging solution for building ready-made chat applications that can help businesses collaborate better.

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