The rebirth of solution architects

[tweetherder]The cost and returns of outsourcing are always measured in comparison to building software or running processes within an organization[/tweetherder]. The returns often justify and its been an easier sell for most outsourcing agencies so far. With the ‘app economy’ taking over, with an app for everything, the standard insource vs. outsource argument has become more complex.

More and more repeatable and standard parts of bespoke software are done through apps and frameworks. [tweetherder]No longer do you need to build a website[/tweetherder]. You just have to assemble. Even complex transaction platforms like marketplaces can be bought off the shelf and best of breed apps and tools can be added on top, to give a sophisticated experience for the users.

What will not change is the need for software that can deliver superior experience beyond the sum of the parts it is built on. What this means for app development agencies is massive retooling of their workforce.[tweetherder] From being code factories, they need to turn into expert integrators and refactorers of systems and code[/tweetherder]. They need to be able to educate the customer on when to build , whether to build, what to build and how to build, in the context of what can be bought, integrated with and/or re-purposed.

Enter, solution architects – A much abused word in enterprise tech, now finds a new meaning in opensource/web/mobile app development, where[tweetherder] developers are systems thinkers first and programmers next[/tweetherder]!

Bespoke application projects would become shorter in cycle and deeper in their need to be architected for better and integrated experience for the users. We believe that agencies that can just code, would be less in favor to those that can bring themselves up to architect solutions.

Are you an agency that thinks through requirements as ‘systems looking for solutions’and can create software and user experiences that make barriers of usage disappear for the user?

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