Guest Post – Service Desk Outsourcing for startups – When to handover?

Times have indeed changed. Rather than hanging out with friends at a bar or a local café, everybody socializes using the most popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter. And coffee itself has become less of a morning “waker-upper” and more of an “en vogue” drink.

The same changes can likewise be seen when it comes to the world of customer service. Customers expect conversation. Instant, Personal and Intelligent conversations are they ways to serve customers. But in an attempt to give a stunning and customized experience for your early customers, don’t distract your core team from their real jobs. Entrusting customer care to a multi-tasking employee to handle appointments, sales, concerns, complaints and deliveries just will not cut it. Something has got to give somewhere along the way.

Customer service is a full time job for some one in your team, even as it is a key responsibility area for everyone else. Do not outsource customer service, till you have enough understanding about your customer demographics and have figured out the business, the way it clicks for your customers.

Coming from a ‘Call center’ industry insider, this could seem counter-intuitive. But, never outsource till its time to. Figure out if your startup is ready to move from early adopters to early majority. Personalized attention becomes the bottleneck for scaling, when you cross from the early group of fan-customers to the mainstream adopters. When it’s time to scale, think of outsourcing at least the non-customer facing parts of customer service and engagement.

In the case of ecommerce for physical goods, order tracking with delivery partners is a classic case where outsourcing can help dramatically improve customer perception of service while not exposing ‘new to the fold’ outsourcing team to customer interaction.

Immerse your outsourced team in all the processes that impact customer service, so that they gain knowledge and feel empowered. A knowledgeable and thinking customer service team can improve loyalty. Create the space and time for your outsourced customer service team to get them ingrained in your ways of working, before they pick the first call.


BIO: Gerard Castillo is a content writer for Magellan Solutions Outsourcing Inc. (, a fast-growing inbound call center in the Philippines.

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