Happy Holidays!

Another year comes to a close. Well, its not ‘yet another year’ for us.

This December 31, marks the completion of our first year of operations. We could make you cringe by pulling a PR spin on how we were the bestest to happen since sliced bread. But then, it’s not true. We did well for our customers and ourselves. We sustained, tested ideas, sucked at few things, continue to suck at many and figured how to do a couple of things well.

Here’s wishing you another new year where you realize your dreams, stay healthy and peaceful.

Here are 10 additional things we wish for you, the early stage entrepreneur, for the coming year:

1. Your wallets gets stuck to your pants or you get a generous guest, the next time you meet someone at the Coffee Shop

2. Your customers don’t insist that they meet you at your office

3. You don’t get asked about what valuation you expect

4. You don’t get caught while free-riding as a volunteer in a high-priced conference that you want to attend

5. You don’t accidentally get married or seed a (or another) progeny

6. Your friends from school/college don’t drive past you in a <suitably replace with a car that makes you go on a philosophical trip about materialism>

7. You move from spamming the comments section of Techcrunch to being the subject of an article there

8. You get a few customers and are able to rationalize why exactly they came. May your investors buy your rationale

9. You get entertained by proud neighbors who are parents of project managers from Infosys

10. You magically forget words like viral, pivot, failcon and actually put effort to make one thing work really well!

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  • Great set of wishes Ashwin. Hope each and every one of the become true to all of us.

  • Great set of wishes Ashwin. Hope each and every one of them become true to all of us.

  • Radhakrishnan Pattabiraman

    Heartiest congratulations on completing a year and wish you a wonderful journey ahead.

    I believe yours is a unique platform / organization for start-ups. Will not be surprised if you hit headlines soon.