Hide that time-machine. It gives me heebie jeebies!

I like the window seats even today.

I compete with my 3 years old daughter when we fly or travel by train. You can call it escapism. I am rooted inside but my head’s firmly out grabbing all the clouds or greenery the journey has to offer.

That’s you and me – The entrepreneurs.

Our mind is a time-machine. We live in the future & keep pushing its boundaries. The excitement of being an entrepreneur comes from the dream of an ideal future and us shaping it, so that those in the “present” can magically slide into the “future perfect”. The entrepreneurs, the products and the companies that make this slide magical, are the ones that succeed.

“Yet!”. Yet, our generally irreverent nature seeps into how what we expect from our customers. We expect them to understand our product. We expect them to change behaviors. We secretly wish that they were only a bit more smarter to “get” what we are trying to do for them. [tweetherder]We push them off the comfort zones hoping that the perfect future is more than a soft landing.[/tweetherder]

Every time I make a mistake at ContractIQ with our emails, features or conversations (of which we have a lot!), I remind myself that the customer knows the status quo and we need to change it without her realizing it. We cannot shove things down her throat. Like a nicely engineered thermostat, that brings the room to an ambient temperature without roasting or freezing us, [tweetherder]we need to bring our customers to an ambient experience that neither disappoints nor frightens[/tweetherder].

[tweetherder]Our products are the bridges between the future and today.[/tweetherder] They need to be tied firmly to both the ends, to be worthwhile as a bridge.

[Image courtesy : CBS]

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