How to make the most of your business application!


Creative marketing can be particularly challenging—especially if you’re a small business owner with a tiny budget and fewer people to help brainstorm. But with a few key strategies, you can overcome your financial disadvantage and reap the benefits of a lucrative marketing plan.

Think Tanks

If you want to complete in the app business, you need a think tank: a team of innovative thinkers paired with some strategic minds. Assemble the creative side of the table and then the competitive. Let your creative thinkers brainstorm app ideas, then check the stores to see what’s out there.

Next, unleash your strategic thinkers. Have them read reviews and write-ups on the competition.  Their alternate mindset should drive your creative brains to diversify their ideas.  It sounds a little unconventional, but think tanks help set your app apart from the rest, helping you spin traditional marketing techniques toward your modern pursuits.

Social Media

Another option puts a twist on something as old as marketing itself: ads. These days, most people visit Facebook at least once a day. Facebook carefully tailors its sidebar ads so your brand is placed in front of the eyes most likely to respond to them. Now, a simple banner won’t do much to differentiate your business from the next one.

If you’re going to invest in an ad, you need to do it creatively. Use an ad monitoring service to limit your spending and control your ad’s visibility. Tools like WordStream are excellent for social media marketing—they allow you to monitor your Facebook ads, Google AdWords, and other social media platforms, plus they share tips and insights on attracting customers and tailoring your campaign to your needs.

You are your Best Spokesperson

Let’s pause for a minute. You’ve posted your ads and you have an app in the ring wearing its metaphorical gloves. You’re feeling pretty good about your position in the market and you have your business name and products readily available to your target audience, even on the go. What’s the next move?

Though it may seem like you’ve covered all your bases, there’s a big one left: getting personal and authentic with your audience. The best way to do that is through humanization—putting a face on your brand through networking. Talk about your business application with friends, local business owners, and the people you meet. Simple conversations can do amazing things for your reputation (and they’re free). Hello Referrals is web-based solution that helps you manage this old school form of marketing. You can log in and access your information from anywhere, and they offer a 30-day free trial so you can take their software for a test drive before buying.

Keep in mind, word travels quickly. It’s important to set out with high standards for your business and yourself, particularly when you’re out there championing your brand. When you take care of your reputation, you’ll build a solid and loyal customer base that in turn helps you attract new clients consistently. Don’t underestimate how much your own character can affect your professional success.


Remember that apps are tools that require nurturing like anything else. Pay focus and joy to your business and continue to operate with the notion that there’s more growth to be gained, so long as you put your creative and your strategic foot forward. H-app-y building!

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