Interviewing Aromal Rajagopal from Carmatec- Top App Developer Dallas


We’re featuring Carmatec today as part of our Top App Developers Interview series. Here we’re in conversation with their founder Aromal Rajagopal, who takes us through the company’s journey & gives his view on the current state of the tech industry. Here are some excerpts from our interview with him:

Ajay: Give us an introduction about yourself and about Carmatec, the journey of how it started and made its way into the top 10 app development team in Dallas.

Aromal: I’m a first generation entrepreneur. I come from a business family where we have done business, not in IT. Carmatec was started in 2003 by offering technical support services to data centres hosting companies across the globe. We were offering remote NOC services, supporting many flavors of Linux and windows systems, open source apps, virtualization, etc. In 2008 we started our first data automation project, that is how we started the software development division of Carmatec under the brand name RailsCarma. Since then we worked on a variety of projects starting from hardware integration to, SaaS apps, Social networks, big data and AI systems integrating many popular APIs. Carmatec actually integrates software solutions and creates meaningful data and we bring in the SoLoMo (Social Local & Mobile) to realise “Data anywhere anytime” mantra. Carmatec has full-stack offerings, which covers the hardware platform at the Operating system level, the application and the analytics on top of it. We also offer 360-degree digital marketing solutions to help companies connect with their customers with more meaningful data and hence relevancy.

Aj: Great! Everyone are talking bots and AI. Being in the app development field what is your take on the current app market? Do you think mobile apps still have life?

Ar: There is definitely life for custom application which includes the mobile and the web apps. When we say bots, it is just the front end of the solution. There is a lot of programming that goes behind these bots, giving intelligence to them. Bots are supposed to come up with AI which requires enormous amounts of data to match the processing of the human mind. The entire landscape of us humans using IT is changing, so there is a lot to learn for these systems. My opinion is that bots are just the front end which is more like icing on the cake and never replaces the cake. It is the part of the solution.

Aj: Alright! Where do you see Carmatec as a company 3 to 5 years from now?

Ar: As I said we are a full-stack company and there is a lot of connectivity that we do between systems. We see us as a dominate player in the IoT space, coming up with our own product as well. We would continue working with startups as we have a strong market orientation across verticals and understanding of how humans interact with IT systems. We bring in lot of value to the end customers in their projects and work like their partner. So we see ourselves as a very dominant player in the IoT space. And some of the industries that we focus on are retail, healthcare.

Aj: That’s great! Just like any other startup I’m sure that Carmatec would have hit a rough patch at some point of time. What did you tell yourself to keep going?

Ar: (laughs) Not once but many times. What I generally say is that unless you believe you’re done with it, it’s not over. Carmatec is a learning organisation. We like the challenge of learning and re-positioning ourselves. We are an agile organisation and have the ability to evolve into any new form the market demands. Many times we found a challenge when new technologies came up. So in the last 13 years, we would have reinvented and optimised our model multiple times. We have been at a point where we had only dedicated servers and all the way till public cloud systems which we architect and deploy. This pretty much explains the challenges that Carmatec has faced and how we have been evolving through the changing times.

Aj: Alright! So what expert advice you would give someone who is about to start his own company?

Ar: Know your customers! Go Agile. Keep reiterating your offering till you have consensus and keep re-inventing the products. Keep learning.

Aj: Great! Thanks for your time! Good luck.

Ar: Thank you. Bye!

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