It pays to work with a vendor with exact experience

Hire App Developer in the know60% of outsourced product development efforts fail to meet the expectations of the project owner. In ContractIQ’s own platform the failure rate is about 10%.

Why is there a dramatic difference? What do we do so well that the rest of the market does not?

Our secret sauce is really hidden in plain sight — We match project owners with those software development agencies that have done something similar before. All else remaining the same, this alone increases the possibility of success.

To understand the impact of this variable, you’d need to understand what all can go wrong, from your side and how a developer can right the wrongs.

  1. You’re not in a position to articulate what you want — If the developer has built something similar, s/he can lead the conversation.
  2. Your price and timeline expectations are not pragmatic — The developer that has done it before has seen these variables playing out at least once before. So they can either negotiate with you towards a safer expectation zone or at least, walk away.
  3. You’re making technology choices that are not suitable — A developer that has been there can warn you based on what they did right or wrong in the previous cases.

Conflate ‘being in the know’ with the culture of dev shops (especially the Asian ones) that just say ‘Yes’ before figuring out — You’d realize that failure due to cultural differences would be largely neutralized by the benefit of experience. ‘Being in the know’ gives the developer enough confidence to call our risks, push back on unreasonable expectations and assess & articulate better.

All else remaining the same, a ‘vendor in the know’ gives you an unfair advantage of certainty. They start being your wise counsel instead of being a sweatshop.

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