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There have been new turning points in the history of mobile technology that have radically changed the way the world is connected, steering their social and business fulfillment. One of the milestones reached here is the availability of Mobile Apps for most web services. After mobile-responsive websites, mobile apps take the center stage. Even though users use fewer than one-fourth apps that are available on their device’s App store, records reveal that there is a 50% year-over-year increase in the time spent each day on mobile apps.

This is indeed a big trend now and is expected to create an app-geared universe. The good news here is that besides social and media apps, users find it convenient to access products and services from their mobile phones via an app, without visiting the concerned website. A growing share of commercial and enterprise apps on the smartphones has added more means of serving people and resolving their queries from anywhere and on any device.

Revolutions like mobile payments, gathering data to find cyber criminals, using emergency help services, searching for new restaurants and eat-outs in the city, exploring the sky using astronomy apps on mobile devices, booking travel tickets, mobile gaming apps and many other activities have extended the customer’s reach and raise their service satisfaction levels.

Steps to take for a successful app launch

Evidently, a recent Mobile Commerce Report by Criteo accentuates that retailers with a mobile app engage more consumers and generate more sales. The Mcommerce proliferation is staggering. However, the catch is ‘why aren’t all mobile shopping and enterprise apps successful?’ What is that have-a-go element of a widely downloaded app?

Today, each process of business involves consumers. Your user, customer and client have great intellect to judge the services you provide and consequently show their interest. Clearly, to engage more consumers worldwide, the need is to better identify and understand their behavior, right from opening the app to buying a product/using a service.

Variable and multiple tracking of customer actions will provide a broader outlook and scope of improving app functionalism. Mcommerce apps, which allow pertinent and useful products and provide an easy way to reach the checkout page and complete the purchase without any interruptions, tend to acquire higher downloads. Further, use of newer technology for back-end coding and UI/UX design drive continued user engagement and more transaction per month.

From the Criteo report, it is apparent that the overall conversion rate is higher on a mobile app than the mobile browsers and websites. It has been observed that shoppers add more products in their cart while accessing the service through an app than several other devices (including laptop, desktop, tablets). The number of views and purchases are consistently surpassing since last two-three years.

Source - State of MCommerce Report Q4 2015 Criteo

Source: State of MCommerce Report Q4 2015 (Criteo)

The above report also reveals Revenue Generation for:

Mobile Apps=$102; Desktop=$100; Browser=$92

With mobile apps, businesses generate more revenues and finally, bring more business to the company. As of now and for several years to come, mobile apps in every industry will dominate browsing on desktops and laptops.

If you consider convenience, audiences are gravitating towards using healthcare and fitness apps on their wearables and smart watches that are connected with their smartphones. Everyday morning activities like jogging, running, stepping and exercising are governed by specifically-built applications such that users can track their fitness levels and set higher goals. This presents new challenges and excitement for them, each new day.

The conversion power of mobile apps is overwhelming and hence, developing a service provider or shopping app is a must-have for all e-Tailers. All told, app users make the most dedicated and loyal customers for your business.

Author Bio: Vipin Jain holds the position of Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Konstant Infosolutions (, a leading offshore web development and mobile app development enterprise. Having finesse in marketing and business administration, he is involved in Research & Development and Project Management in the company. Through the years, Vipin has worked extensively to enhance Konstantinfo‘s value for its customers and has established a resourceful team of skilled developers, testers, business analysts and digital marketing professionals, responsible for developing best-in-class websites and mobile apps. Besides motivating change within the company, Vipin has interest in penning down his technical and business intellect.

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