New Year and a New UI – ContractIQ’s mint new mobile app development marketplace

Hey There!

It took a while for us to release the new UI refresh of ContractIQ. I hope you like it!

ContractIQ is primarily a place to gather information about app development studios, and we want to give users the most relevant info easily. Over the last few months, we’ve worked on a new interface that brings some key information to the forefront. The main changes are made to reviews, works & company data display. Here’s how a listing page for the newly refreshed mobile app development marketplace looks like now:

2015-12-23 (7)


Customer reviews & works are now displayed right on the listing pages!

As you can see, there is more information displayed about each company than there was before. Each page lists 10 companies (there is a way to work yourself to the top pages; I’ll be telling you how soon!).

Your company’s profile page now looks like this! Neat eh?
2015-12-23 (2)

We had to pack a lot of interesting information about you and yet look classy. Tell us if we pulled it off well!

Always nice to receive praise isn’t it? Show them all on your reviews page!

Reviews are probably the first thing one would notice on each profile. The latest review is displayed, with the option of viewing all the reviews you’ve received from your clients. You can also include video reviews. Click here to find out how to import testimonials to your profile.

We’ve placed the reviews front-and-center so that users can immediately check out what people have to say about you. The more reviews you have, the more likely you are to be approached by customers for their project.

2015-12-23 (6)

All your work, right on your profile page:

The other big change you’d notice is that users can now see some of your work on the landing pages. To view all the works, you can visit their profile page. How would this help? Keep reading to find out.

2015-12-23 (8)

All your work, right on your profile page.

Key information, and then some:

Between your reviews and works, we have shown some general information about your company which others can take a look at. You might notice we’ve included 2 new fields – your average hourly rate & your preferred project size – key information for users who are searching for developers. When companies look for development teams, they would look for someone of a similar size or someone with previous experience in their domain. So make sure you provide all your relevant information. Don’t sell yourself short!


How to climb up the pages

In case you guessed it you’re right – maintaining an active profile will get you on the top pages of ContractIQ

  • We’ve optimized it so that vendors with more reviews and works are shown above others. Reviews, as mentioned earlier, will help build some trust in customers, who would be more inclined to talk to you about their project if they see some good reviews.
  • Adding works also plays a big part. Other than helping you climb up the pages, it would come in handy when a potential customer finds what he’s looking for on your profile. We would also be looking into our website to find vendors for a certain requirement.

So make sure you update your profile regularly, as it is a good way to get visibility on our platform. If you need any help with anything, write to me at

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