Mobile App Development Projects for India (Product Announcement)

Mobile Development Projects - India - Announcement

So, we’ve been overwhelmed with people wanting to build apps for mobile and web. Particularly, there has been a deluge of enquiries from all major cities in India. You’ve a business plan and then there is reality. We never set ourselves up to service 1000s of micro and small businesses that have simple apps to build at an optimal cost.

But then, after a bit of ‘Hmm and Hawww’ we decided that we’d find a way to service them. There is a reason to it – Each such lead has the commitment, time and money to see their initiatives through. They deserve a chance. We know there are app developers in the market that can serve them profitably.

Starting now (September of 2015), we are qualifying micro businesses with software development needs and are sharing these qualified leads with a pool of carefully invited software development companies, that are willing to work with Indian customers at the price points that make economic sense.

If you are an app development company in India and you’re looking for leads / projects for mobile and web development (typically of value under INR 5 lakhs), this one is for you.

We’ll be sending 25 leads your way, every month for a subscription fee! To start with, we’ll give you 10 leads for free, so that you can try it out with no obligations.

Interested? Get your 10 free leads now.

Got questions? Check out the above link and you might find the answers for most of your questions. If you still have more questions, write to me at


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