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Mobile applications are on a meteoric rise the world over. Businesses have gone completely gung-ho on developing not only consumer-facing mobile applications but also enterprise mobile applications to keep up with the BYOD trend. According to Statista, the projected number of mobile application downloads for 2015 is close to 180,000 million.

Where there is such an intense growth in the number of mobile applications developed, there is, naturally, an increasing demand for mobile application developers across the globe. The unfortunate reality is that there is a severe shortage for mobile developers. The supply of talent simply has not kept up with the exponential growth in demand. Now is a great time to be a mobile app developer.

In fact, to prove it to you, we’ve decided to show you how much mobile app developers are making.

Mobile App Developer Salary US

The average pay for mobile app developers in USA is around $70000 with the extremes in pay ranging between $50000 and $116000.

Mobile App Developer Salary Canada The average pay for mobile app developers in Canada is C$59053 with the lowest being C$40314 and highest being C$86433.

Mobile App Developer Salary in Germany

In Germany, mobile app developers are paid an average salary of € 49020. The lowest pay falls somewhere around €15627 while the highest one can expect is close to €63000 euros.

Mobile App Developer Salary in Switzerland Here’s some data to knock your socks off. An application developer in Switzerland can expect an average pay of CHF 87428 with a minimum of 18550 maximum of CHF 334000!

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In Q1 of 2012, job postings for mobile app developers had skyrocketed by a whopping 302% in Amercia alone. As the push for iOS and Android developers keeps burgeoning, the demand is going to consistently be ahead of the supply, which means good pay is a given. What’s more, businesses have also realized that there more options than just seeking full-time in-house resources. So they’re gladly turning to independent contractors, agencies and everyone in between.

In a nutshell, no matter where you are, if you’re a mobile app developer, chances are you can fast-track your way to good times!


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