Monetizing the ephemeral mobile messaging trend

[tweetherder]Ad dollars follow where the consumer attention is. Right now it’s about messaging! [/tweetherder]

Within messaging Ephemeral chat is a defining protocol (?) that will stay on.

Three reasons we see, that may drive this trend:

1. [tweetherder]Ephemeral conversations are natural. We are used to it as a human-native (see what I did there!) way of communicating.[/tweetherder]

2. In the day and age of governmental spying, ephemeral communication assumes importance in several business contexts.

3. Data explosion – Not all data is useful. [tweetherder] Smarter organizations will allow for ephemeral channels within organizations to allow for transient, mundane data to pass through the pipes without hitting any archives.[/tweetherder]

Ephemeral messages, are here to stay. Marketing through ephemeral channels them means understanding the primary behavior of the users and designing ad units that are native to ephemeral chat.

Some example of ad formats native to ephemeral chat would be:

1. Time based offers (messages sponsored by a brand, leading to a time-based free offer) that drive immediate walk-ins based on geo-locating the user

2. Event/time-centric contests that involve snap-chatting for example

3. Sponsored chats that humanize a brand by directly conversing with users

There are of course, challenges with real-time contextual advertisements. Spontaneity is both hard and risky in brand communications and not all brands are equipped to deliver them. Moreover in chat-based ads which are native, brands control just one part of the dialog, leaving the total experience open in the hands of users who have nothing to lose.

Remember how trolls hijack twitter campaigns?  Careful orchestration and spontaneity at the same time, would severely test the marketing depth of brands.

But, if you are a developer it’s good time to re-look at the messaging space. If you think your application’s context provides for ephemeral interactions, there are easier ways these days to build in ephemeralness into your apps. This blog post came through a conversation with the guys at who provide a communication API that is built based on messaging principles of ephemeralness.

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Content Inspiration : Conversations with Fredrik Beckman – Co Founder –


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