Our Story

As the Founders of ContractIQ, we have been both buyers and sellers of outsourced IT services for about a decade. After having consulted over 300 small and medium businesses and having managed several F500 outsourcing programs, we realized that the data, information, tools and methods available to F500 firms for vendor discovery, are not quite relevant to SMBs.

More than 100 billion dollars is spent worldwide, by SMBs on outsourcing and nearly 50% of it is wasted on failed endeavors. If only we could fix it. ContractIQ is experimenting how peer networks and community powered vendor discovery mechanisms can be leveraged to make outsourcing choices more intelligent and data driven.

Over the next few months, ContractIQ shall launch an exclusive, invite-only platform for SMBs and IT service providers from across the world.

Grab your invite today at http://ContractIQ.com

If you are a subject matter expert or want to know more about our initiatives drop us a note.

-Team ContractIQ


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