Outsource your IT to the right teams using these guidelines

There’s a context for everything, so there’s one for deciding the right app development team to outsource to. Every team isn’t cut out to do every project and that’s why extra care needs to be taken while choosing a team to outsource your product. Here are some guidelines for the same:



Expectations need to be set right when it comes to the team’s past experience. Project risk is minimized when the team has built a product very similar to the customer’s product successfully. Even having relevant domain experience can sometimes go a long way. A team that has built a taxi app can also build an app that allows users to book hair stylists or other handyman services on demand. The underlying logic and workflow are similar, both being on demand services.

Prior experience

Getting customer references to validate the extent of the team’s experience is something worth doing. Here’s an example – if a customer plans to launch a taxi app business that would rival bigger players in the local market, the references would definitely help. The team would need to provide not just support after release but also help in scaling the app. These things cannot be verified by merely looking at a team’s portfolio. A team that has helped a successful startup with a similar product would be more business savvy as well.


It’s always ideal to outsource to a team that does both good design and development. But very often, firms are more proficient at one than the other. And there are also firms which only do design and some that only develop. It’s important to get both aspects covered before you outsource. The design is the first impression that the app makes on a user and the way it was developed would define how it would work at scale and in the long term.

Every technology out there today has it own pros and cons and though many can be used to build the same type of app, only a select few would be the best option in the long term. A team should not only have a diversified skill set but also be in a position to advise on the tech stack most suited for a product. For example, a backend written in Python would be more suited for handling a million users and Node JS would work better for apps like Uber which need fast refresh rates in real time.

Some firms would always try to sell a technology they’re good at, which may not be the best fit. Thus, it’s a good idea to do some research and outsource to the right options in the market.

Price vs. Quality

At the end of the day, price remains the most important factor in choosing a team. But more importantly, it’s the price vs quality ratio that needs to be considered. Every project is implemented on a different scale and level of complexity and this directly affects the cost. As discussed earlier, every team isn’t cut out to handle every project and that’s why this ratio can’t be generalised.

Early stage startups in developing nations may find a $20-$30 hourly rates to be expensive while this might work out well for a US firm with angel funding. If clients outsource to cheaper teams, the risk is on the client as the teams may not be able to provide the desired quality. Customers are better off building a lean MVP with a good team than a clunky full blown version with a bad team.

Team Size, Ethics

The total number of resources at a company will affect the way resources are deployed on any given project. A 10-member team cannot handle the amount of work and be as productive as a 50 member team. Mid to large size firms having large scale IT operations would need teams of comparable size. There’s also the case of resources being unable to work on the project at times and quitting the company. Critical and complex projects should ideally be handled by firms who can assign additional resources when needed.

A team’s pedigree can make or break a project. Things like confidentiality, SOW, non-compete are much more than what’s signed on a piece of paper. The team has to keep the client’s best interests at heart and work towards their goal of building a good quality product.

About the Author: Pravir Ramasundaram is our content writer here at ContractIQ. Keep coming back to read more of his articles on mobility & outsourcing

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