• Top Developers – our ranking of top dev teams

    Top developers

    At ContractIQ, we’re always committed to helping customers find the best app development teams for their projects. This week’s blog post is to introduce you to the ranking system we’ve built on our new ‘Top App Developers’ ranking pages and give you some insights into the trends we observed. The…

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  • Why SMBs are moving towards online money lenders


    SMBs(small and medium businesses) have always found it tough to borrow capital from large public and private sector banks. And since the financial depression in 2008, it has become even more difficult. Banks all over the world have made it tougher for SMEs to borrow working capital, while large corporations…

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  • How do you build an app that wins?


    They say it takes time to build an audience. For any business to grow, there is no magic bullet that will turn everything green overnight. Most of us (business owners/organizations/entrepreneurs) are willing to stimulate the audience worldwide like drawing a larger audience on your blog website, drive more visitors to…

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  • Pitfalls of overselling your capabilities

    overelling can cause stress

    While it might sound impressive initially, you’d be cutting a sorry figure once the client has found out that you’re all smoke with no fire. It’s something everyone can end up doing from time to time. If left unchecked, it can even become involuntary while speaking to prospects. It could…

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  • Why a services shop should consider product development

    Product development

    Riddle me this: what gives your software services company a steady revenue stream, more experience, better-looking portfolio and capability to serve more demanding customers? If you guessed it, you’re right – A software product. Now there are many people who would list out the challenges involved in product development along…

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  • Which tools can you use to make your startup more productive?

    tools featured

    Today’s startups have a lot more to do and to do a lot more, the best tools are needed. Here are some that startups today use to manage their work and make sure they meet targets.   Project Management Tools These are a great way to keep track of objectives…

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  • Your first call with a dev shop – creating a good first impression


    Apart from providing a high-touch concierge type service for finding you the right developer, we’ve been in the business of curating dev studios all over the world for about 4 years now. Let us tell you a thing or two about interacting with dev shops and evaluating them. What we’ve…

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  • A rough map of your thought process when looking for Funding

    Investor Pitch

    You may fall into one of these three groups: About to form your company. Been bootstrapping for a while and now ready to raise funds. Have already raised funds. If you’re in the first or the third, you should probably get back to work. For people in the first group,…

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  • Usability testing is more important than customer feedback!

    Mobile wireframes

    The customer expects you to deliver an app that magically works with all of their users. Here’s how you can achieve it: What most app development agencies miss is that the people who will eventually be using the app (the users) will be different from the ones who are paying…

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  • Why most app startups fail!


    “Before developing and starting with your own mobile app, consider first these common mistakes that have led to failures time and again.” Entrepreneurs love to be interviewed for their success stories; however, most startups do not triumph with flying colors and do not raise billion dollar companies. Some of them…

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