• Mobile App Design – A timeline!

    The App Store is a competitive marketplace, with over 1000 apps added every day. Mobile App Design plays a large part in a user’s decision to download an app. Appealing design and navigation is a sure-fire way to stand out amongst the masses. Mobile App design has rapidly evolved since…

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  • Online marketplaces and how you can scale & facilitate meaningful engagements

    online marketplaces

    With the rise of online marketplaces and increase in  amount of data available about individuals and companies, connecting people with a need to people who can fill that need has become simpler. Also, the traditional divide between a ‘supplier’ and ‘consumer’ is beginning to blur, with platforms like Airbnb focusing…

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  • Development Agencies Classified

    It takes time and a lot of hands on experience but you eventually start to see it. We’re talking about the various types of service providers in any business. We’ve been setting up a database of app development agencies for the last 4 years now and have seen and documented…

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  • Mcommerce has boosted sale conversions!


    There have been new turning points in the history of mobile technology that have radically changed the way the world is connected, steering their social and business fulfillment. One of the milestones reached here is the availability of Mobile Apps for most web services. After mobile-responsive websites, mobile apps take…

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  • Client engagement gets elevated with Big Data and VR

    client engagement

    Certain things are easier said than done. Client engagement is one of them, even if it is a key force driving your business to success. To enhance your client engagement, you have to think beyond traditional CRM, and embrace cutting-edge technology. Thanks to the revolutionary advancements paved by Smartphones, the…

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  • Mobile app pricing – A comparative study.

    A lot is talked about the disparity in the way app development companies price themselves. Yes, there are the obvious reasons why some are more expensive that others – experience, technology, company size, etc. But there’s a lot more to be considered when it comes to mobile app pricing. App…

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  • Mobile engagement strategies for the 1st time app publisher.

    mobile engagement

    It’s not enough to just have people download your app. Yes, it is important for monetization purposes but it is also important to get more users because that’s how App Store search algorithms rank an app.We will walk through the best mobile engagement tactics to ensure your app gets the…

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  • Mobile app design – Not a walk in the park.

    Apps seem to have become the biggest trends over the past few years. The advent and rise of smartphone technology and ease of accessibility to the masses have only advocated the need for more apps. These apps today make the most difficult of chores seem like a breeze. Through the…

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  • How can app revenue be influenced today?

    mobile app revenue

    One of the primary reasons people go through with app development is the app revenue. While there are a few people out there looking to make a difference in the world, for the most part apps are dominated by entrepreneurs and businesses that are looking to strike gold with a…

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  • Startup outsourcing – Not advisable at early stages.

    Much is said about how outsourcing is the best option for an early stage startup to build their product and make it scale but that’s merely 30-40% of the time when outsourcing succeeds. Nearly 60% of all startup outsourcing efforts usually end up in a failure. Compound this with the…

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