PHP vs Ruby vs Python vs Panic Attack

So, you don’t code and decided to outsource your app. Job done right?

If that’s what you feel, no offense, I’d say, ”Stop Before Trying Hard to Kill Your Startup!’. [tweetherder]You might not be a coder, but you’re not a technophob either[/tweetherder]! You need to understand technology, especially when you are planning to outsource, and know what – you don’t have a choice!

Here’s an excellent post that would give you the pros and cons of various languages. A bit lengthy, but how does that even matter if you’re going to save money and most importantly, save yourself from being taken for a ride by some fly by night dev shop. Matt begins the article like this,


Over the years many people have asked me the same question: [tweetherder]I’m starting this new project, what technology do you think I should use?[/tweetherder]

He then continues to explain how to choose a platform for your startup. Lots of insights stacked together. Read the entire article here.

Big article right? Yeah, I know. If you’re looking for a short visual one, check this out. An infographic from Columnfivemedia. A comparison between Ruby, Python and PHP. It would give you a fair knowledge about the speed, usability and marketability of these languages.


PHP - Ruby - Python -- Infographic

Need more cool stuff? Check out this video.


Have you already picked your choice? Let’s talk about the best dev shops for each of these stacks!

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