Poland Outsourcing – A wise choice?

Outsourcing to Poland the best option in Europe

As,demonstrated in the 2016 A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index, Poland outsourcing has become a prominent option for those looking to outsource their app development to Europe, . Mobile app development has attained a new interest in many countries and Poland is seeing an increase in mobile app developers. Many clients have started to outsource their iOS development processes to Poland. In addition to Poland being the top choice within Europe—according to Tholons 2016 Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations (ranked by city)—Warsaw, Poland is up 5 spots from 2015 and is ranked 25th in the world. This should come as little surprise considering Poland is recognized as one of the best locations for service delivery in all of Europe. Wondering why? Well—Polish application developers have a strong reputation within the technology industry for being intelligent, hard working and creative. But plenty of other countries also have the same qualities. So what makes Poland outsourcing stand out from the rest? Let’s take a closer look at the trends that make the case for both offshore and nearshore outsourcing to Poland.

Outsourcing Explained

Just to provide a little background information—when a company decides against handling certain tasks internally and instead, source the work to outside suppliers, they are participating in a process referred to as outsourcing. A company has two options when it comes to outsourcing—offshoring and nearshoring. Offshoring is when a company outsources work across national boundaries. To provide an example—if a US company were outsourcing to India or the Philippines, they would be participating in offshoring. A newer form of outsourcing that is trending and especially popular among IT companies is nearshore outsourcing. Nearshoring refers to the same concept of sending work to be completed by a third-party— the only difference is—the work is being completed within a location that is closer to home.

What’s so Special that customers choose to do outsourcing to Poland?

  1. Location, Location, Location!

If you’ve ever tried collaborating with a team from a different part of the world, you’d be familiar with how frustrating it could be if you don’t have overlapping work timings. This forms the basis for one of the most appealing reasons for outsourcing your application development to Poland—the small difference in time zones. Whether a company elects to outsource to Poland from the US, or decides to nearshore from within a neighboring country, the similar time zone and closer proximity promotes stronger communication and therefore production is more efficient.

  1. Talent Pool

With one of the best educated populations in Europe, Poland is attracting some of the largest technology firms such as Google, IBM, Microsoft and Motorola. According to a publication from the New York Times—of all Polish citizens between the ages of 25 and 34, 39% hold university degrees (or something equivalent), making Poland one of the most educated populations on the continent. With over 500,000 university graduates (of which—80,000 are IT majors and 15,000 IT engineers each year) there is intense competition within the labor market. This in turn motivates the app developers to constantly give their very best. Whether it is iOS development, Android development, Website development or website design, Polish app developers have shown good results.  So, as you can imagine, the quality of work produced by developers is of extremely high quality.

  1. Stable Business Climate

Despite the recent global crisis that led most European countries into recession, the economy in Poland is continuing to grow at a steady pace. Poland is truly the champion of growth within Europe and has a very stable gross domestic product (GDP). With only positive forecasts for the GDP, Poland will continue enhancing their infrastructure and thus, increase its value. The work culture is so profound that many businesses have started outsourcing to Poland. In addition, as highlighted by The National Centre for Research and Development — the PLUS-IP (The US-Poland Innovation Program) encourages Polish-American cooperation between researchers from Poland and investors from America.

  1. Similar Laws = Less Risk

Poland is a member of the European Union, NATO, OECD, WTO and the European Space Agency. Being an EU member is a trait that makes Poland an extremely popular choice for nearshore outsourcing because there is no need to obtain special work permits or visas. Plus, information can be freely exchanged with other EU countries. Poland also abides by all EU laws related to copyright and intellectual property and adheres to US standards in IP protection and data security. Poland outsourcing has become a much more simplified task because of this and as a result, it is a wise choice for companies in both the US and Europe to outsource to Poland due to fewer risks being involved.

  1. Convenient Communication

According to Hill International, 80% of all students in Poland speak English. So with tens of thousands of students graduating each year, the workforce is more than competent in English. This addresses the communication barrier one might associate with outsourcing to Poland (and to Europe in general). Many universities in Poland teach their courses in English as a method for preparing students for the likeliness of working within a intercontinental work environment once graduated. With fewer language barriers and proper infrastructure to support digital communication (email, VoIP and video conferencing), Poland outshines its competitors like India and the Philippines, where internet speeds are generally slow.

  1. Financially Appealing

Poland offers competitive pricing due to lower labour costs. In fact, Poland has the lowest labour costs within the EU, and this enables the development firms to offer the best prices. The rates for projects are significantly lower when compared with other western European regions. This, combined with attractive tax incentives, is yet another point in favor of Poland outsourcing.

  1. Positive & Professional Experiences

App developers in Poland are highly accomplished designers, just as most Europeans are. Maybe we get the inspiration from living in historic cities with great cultural & architectural design. Poland has it’s own annual design event – the UX Poland. This event brings together experience designers from all over the world, with several notable speakers giving their thoughts on the industry. This goes to show the recognition of Poland as UX experts. This is yet another reason that supports Poland outsourcing.

Polish people are also culturally similar to Western countries, especially when compared to other outsourcing countries like India & Vietnam. This ensures clarity of communication, which makes the whole process a lot simpler.

The truth is that Poland is a popular place to find tech talent. As highlighted by this article, there are numerous benefits to outsourcing technical operations such as those for software or mobile application development to companies in Poland. Along with the reasons mentioned, this list of Poland outsourcing companies further highlights the quality of app development in the country . I mean, it doesn’t get any better than finding top talent for competitive pricing that is easy to communicate with and that delivers high-quality products. Won’t you agree?

Author Bio: Piotr Stepinski, Marketing Manager –  10Clouds, a software development company based in Warsaw, Poland. They focus on iOS and Android app development as well as web app development in JavaScript and backend development in Python. One of the most important aspects of their process is the design: They have their own design team with UX and Visual designers and can deliver a full app experience for their customers.

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