Why most app startups fail!


“Before developing and starting with your own mobile app, consider first these common mistakes that have led to failures time and again.”

Entrepreneurs love to be interviewed for their success stories; however, most startups do not triumph with flying colors and do not raise billion dollar companies. Some of them fall flat and that too exceptionally. There are many big brands who lived through a share of failure before they make it count. While some of them even fail in finding out the root causes of their castaway, many of them share common reasons for not having a successful app story.

But then there is always a second chance for us, which we can use until we hit the right target. So, here we bring to you some very common but covert reasons that impede startups from developing and creating all-loved apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, YouTube, Netflix, Google Maps, Instagram, Starbucks, Hike, Uber.

Reason#1 Bad Design
Sometimes, in order to make it more extraordinary and out-of- the-box than what competitors have done, startups fail to focus on what’s necessary. The biggest mantra of success in digital landscape is to implement your own unique idea with a twist. Bad or poor designing simply implies that the app is not pleasing to the user’s eye. If not, it gets discarded and then gets deleted from their mobile phone within 48 hours. Too complex and difficult-to-operate UIs are also rejected.

Tip#1: Focus on the app’s interface, correct placing of tabs and navigation controller and provide something that a user can relate to everyday lives. Introduce alluring images and icons to grab the attention of all types and ages of users. For being 100% sure of the designing part, associate with a full-service app design company and get it designed by a team of experts.

Reason#2 Asking for money from the launch day
We understand that each of you is here for making money and building a brand. But then, at least keep your app free for the first time users. Since you are not the only one launching the app, you have enough competitors in the market that provide free or cheaper services than yours. The very first step to success is getting a large number of users to your app; creating a network and increasing the number of downloads.

Tip#2: Instead of launching a paid app, make it a Freemium(a portmanteau of “free” and “premium”)one. It is the most popular and winning model for mobile apps. It will help to accomplish the target downloads if you believe that reach is most important. Once your app gains popularity and users show their interest in digging deeper more into your app’s features and upgrading the existing ones, you can ask them to pay for premium version.

Reason#3 Poor marketing
Marketing team is the most powerful team after the app is ready. They can help you win the game. Invest good amount of money on your marketing strategies and tools that are required as per latest trends. A poor or improper marketing plan will lead to negligible downloads and zero conversions. It has been observed that many startups fail because they do just put everything into development and execution of the app but not marketing and advertising.

Tip#3: Start generating interest around your app on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and online platforms like Google PPC. Spend money and effort on content marketing to promote your app. Express uniqueness of your app in simple words and through a couple of screenshots.

Reason#4 Neglecting the customers who have already downloaded
There is this big rule to doing business, which you can say is a timeless panacea and that is:

“There are only three truths to your business:
#1 How many of your customers repeat
#2 How often do they repeat
#3 The rest of your business is just a support system for #1 and #2”

Don’t forget to reply to queries and concerns of ones who have already downloaded your app. Many companies find it a waste of time or they even do not care.

Tip#4: Ensure that you keep in touch with your all first-time consumers, even if the number is low. Don’t get disheartened; results take time. Repeat consumers are the ones bringing new app downloads to you.

Reason#5 Not upgrading your app
Today’s customers love to see new features introduced in the app. Like how excited we feel when we see some new emoji and stickers on our WhatsApp and Messenger app. The app companies who keep their app as it is even after six months or so after its launch do not keep hold of users. They don’t find it necessary to include new, innovative and upgraded features and functionalities as they already have a decent number of users.

Tip#5: Keep scope for further improvements and advancements in your mobile app. Try connecting it with other services like Uber, Zomato and alike and show them discounts and offers on other online portals. Give them coupon codes for eCommerce app brands on first-time use. Also, development team must think of next releases the day they launched one. So, keep delivering new and more modern in every next release.

Author Bio: Vipin Jain holds the position of Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Konstant Infosolutions, a leading offshore web development and mobile app development enterprise. Having finesse in marketing and business administration, he is involved in Research & Development and Project Management in the company. Through the years, Vipin has worked extensively to enhance Konstantinfo‘s value for its customers and has established a resourceful team of skilled developers, testers, business analysts and digital marketing professionals, responsible for developing best-in- class websites and mobile apps. Besides motivating change within the company, Vipin has interest in penning down his technical and business intellect.

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