Monthly Vendor Roundup: Top SAP Mobile Vendors

With SAP HANA and cloud applications giving SAP the double digit growth over the last few years, the company is consolidating it’s mobile solutions. The company’s latest software platform for building mobile applications, SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 unifies the multiple mobile development platforms previously on its platter.

SAP’s Mobile Platform 3.0 is built on top of HTML5 to ensure cross-platform support and relies on open source Apache Cordova device APIs which open up access to native device functions as well as SAP’s Fiori client applications. SAP is working to provide access to other SAP apps including SAP Work Manager, SAP Inventory Manager, SAP CRM Service Manager and others.

Earlier this year, SAP struck up partnerships with San Francisco-based Xamarin and Service2Media, which is headquartered in The Netherlands at the 2014 Mobile World Congress. The idea is to provide developers easy access to the Rest APIs of the SAP Mobile Platform. The same APIs can be used for integrating mobile applications with SAP cloud as well as on-premises applications, simplifying the process.

All this is changing the game for enterprise mobility going forward. Ecosystems such as the one SAP is looking to build and nurture are a huge leap toward embracing mobile with a direct view toward improving productivity.

So where does this leave you, the mid-market enterprise? Who do you go to, to get expert advice on SAP Mobility?

We thought long and hard, and came up with an idea: we got our hands dirty trying to figure out the best SAP mobility vendors who can get our small and mid-market customers started with enterprise mobile software from the word go! SAP demands a certain scale and domain expertise on the implementers’ side. Mobile makes it even more pertinent. These vendors have tackled the triple challenges of appropriate scale, process depth and mobile expertise to surface ahead of the rest:

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1] The top 12 companies are in no particular order.

2] The list is made with a completely neutral perspective – No sponsorships or in-kind favors were taken to include teams into this list

3] While they may not be the best vendors and developers in absolute sense, they are among the top developers that have delivered complex SAP implementations and have many a fireside story to tell. However context matters a lot and based on what your needs are, we may recommend vendors outside of this list as well.

If you are looking at going Mobile with your existing SAP investments or looking at other enterprise mobile strategies, start the conversation with us. We shall introduce you to the right teams!

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