Social Media – Inconsequentials, Losers, Winners and Trialblazers – Who are you?

We all are fans of Techcrunch (or what it was earlier) and I discovered a thought provoking post on “Fit & Finish” through a Techcrunch article on lean startups.

The essence of the article, is that getting in front of millions of audience is not as difficult as it used to be. There are amplification channels like Facebook et. al. So you have one chance to impress.

I tend to disagree. [tweetherder]There are social media inconsequentials, failures, winners and trialblazers[/tweetherder].

Inconsequentials – They dont get noticed or picked up by social media. Most of us are that!

Losers – Lets say apps like Color, Buzz which gained attention for flawed execution and eventually got killed.

Winners – Like Path (who else are there, by the way?) that got kicked around a bit and then turned around their execution, to be embraced by media yet again

Trialblazers – Airbnb, Codeacademy which just hit the roof with a lot of buzz and kept growing

Everyone gets a chance to make a second or third impression. If they are inconsequentials, no one knows or remembers you. So the first time you are noticed is when the impression is made. Earlier attempts would have lost in the crowd.

The rest got the attention. Some had the right product and capitalized. Some flattered to decieve and had to go back the drawing board. In that, some came back as winners and other just died quietly.

If you are a founder of such a startup and you have to outsource:

Get to the realization faster and set things in motion..

If your startup is not of any (media) consequence and the social media does not pick you up, you won’t see much distruption to your outsourcing process (No dramatic spikes, No turnarounds in the light of media, No externally enforced deadlines etc.)

If you lost out and got negative attention in millions of eyeballs, you are morally down. You have to get it right the next time or perhaps die. Motivation levels are going to be erratic.The last thing you need is an outsourcing partner that cannot scale up or down, step up to the task or stop production till the wire transfer confirmation arrives.

If your startup becomes a social media sensation, you need to keep the momentum. There’s another kind of distraction (VC attention, the high of early success) and the risk of premature scaling. [tweetherder]Outsourcing providers enjoy increased work, but need increased oversight to ensure they scale in tandem and dont flail uncontrollably.[/tweetherder]

So before you hit the launch button, have at least one founder spend a month interviewing and lining up at least 3 good outsourcing firms that can instantly plug themselves in, should there be a need. Bring one in, if you need. If you already outsource, do one sanity check if they will stand by your side, irrespective of how things go. If not, you still need options.

Most times, you won’t have the option to hit the pause button after a high-octane launch. Taking an objective decision on vendors is difficult to do from within the vortex of momentum. Do it before it becomes a spoke in the wheel !

Remember, its better to do what feels like a trivial thing than realize in hindsight that it is not!

We’d love to know your experience in launching your startups and how it impacted outsourcing relationships. Chime in!

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