Startup Lead Scoring Tool for Product Development Firms

If you are building products for start-ups  you’d know how hard it is to qualify a startup lead. We mostly go by intuition. While that could work in many cases, here is handy tool.

[tweetherder]The main difference between lead scoring as it is done for enterprises and as it should be done for startups boils down to two things – Maturity and Authority[/tweetherder].

Most startups are flat organizations. So the emphasis on authority of the buyer is minimal here unlike in enterprises. However ‘maturity’ of the startup constitutes largely to the quality of the lead.

By maturity we mean 1) Idea maturity 2) Subject Expertise and 3) Founder Pragmatism. The details are in the scoring template below. Should you need an editable version of this template on an excel spread sheet, do write to us (info…


Lead Scoring Template

Do you have any more points to add to the qualifier sheet, based on your experience?

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