Taking stock and new features!

Its been 75 days since we took ContractIQ to the public (No. We did not quietly pull an IPO stunt as you were cogitating to solve world’s hunger. We are just talking about opening to the public)! We could have waited for another 25 days to take stock. But heck! Its Friday and I don’t find a more semi-productive way to kill the guilt of not slogging.

Who is ContractIQ, by the way?

We are the online equivalent of the cooler in the lobby where everybody stops to share wisdom (sometimes, derided as gossip!).

We give a space where founders, hackers and startup operators can put in their list of favorite dev shops, by simply typing in the website address of the dev shops that they like to share with their peers.

We constantly monitor such lists and curate a list of best dev shops and publish a curated feed of awesome dev shops for startups from around the world!

What did we do in 75 days?

We experimented with several methods of going to the market – Doing detailed analyst reports on providers, Running year-long/perpetual customer experience studies, doing (not so) quick reference conversations with some very smart methods of assessing satisfaction. All these were aimed at one thing – Finding the best dev shops that startups ought to know!

I think we would never stop iterating on what would the best approach be. You can add your advices as comments. Right now, we are settling for an approach that balances between speed of discovery and depth of insights.

We also did our first version of the online presence. Almost killed it now and released version 2. Some of us are unhappy. Some like it and we are already into our third iteration (on th drawing board). We are inching towards tolerable information/user interface design.

We signed up 10+ service providers that are awesome and our revenue pays for our bills (Yay! We are not vaporware!)

Few impressions of how we look now.

Drop in the web address of the dev shop that you like to recommend, in the box above  & you are done!

Our app lists recommendations from you, your first degree contacts in LinkedIn and peers in the industry!

Curated listings of dev firms that are recommended by startups!

As I said in the start,we are already one iteration ahead of what’s seen here and we hope find the elusive balance between useful information and ease of use!

Comments/Advice/Suggestions appreciated!



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