Build your second screen app with Tellyo’s SDK

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could share, the final winning goal or that ‘lmao’ scene on the latest episode on Big Bang Theory or any other great moment you recently watched on the television? Wouldn’t it be more awesome if you could do that yourself without waiting for someone to upload it on Youtube and worrying about the copyrights? Wouldn’t it be even more awesome if you could do that just with a tap of a small button on your mobile phone? If your broadcaster is already allowing you to do all that through their app, it’s probably powered by Tellyo!


Starting as a social tv app, Tellyo evolved into a second screen service provider for broadcasters. ( There is essentially a vast difference between a social tv app and a second screen service). But the path to success with a second screen has not been easy either, until they discovered that engagement peaks when slices of ‘sell out moments’ are prepared for theTellyo Uutiset promo 2 popup second screen audience who can tap and share those moments across their social networks, almost like curators of good content, for their friends. “Share the moment functionality is about sell-out moments on a show that has the potential to go viral. The big issue in the approach is, rights management. You are not allowed to share just any program”, says Mariusz – Co Founder and Chief Architect of  Tellyo. That’s when they came with the approach of creating the service for broadcasters, instead of competing with them. By allowing more spontaneous real-time sharing, Tellyo is driving value a big-value for broadcasters like Finland’s MTV3. Tellyo integrated their services into MTV3’s second screen mobile websites, allowing visitors to grab and share the clips with a tap of a button on their screens. The programs include Celebrity Big Brother, Totuuden Torvet andEnbuske & Linnanahde Crew.
Big brother has broken all Finnish social TV records, receiving 22,000 tweets on their official hashtag during thepremier day. The show peaked at 900,000 simultaneous viewers during the premier. The tweeting peaked when AndyMcCoy came in, at 565 tweets per minute.” [as reported on]
Technology Challenges: 

“There is no big challenges from Android, iOS” says Mariusz and adds, “the big challenge is the backend which is complicated where one handles clip generation and one handles social interaction etc.” The second challenge is the Mariusz - Co Founder of Tellyoembedded media within the social stream . The major challenge was because of SSL connection, meta tags for FB/Twitter and various policies that social networks have when it comes to approvals. The experience is varied – Manual & slow approval process on one hand to automated approvals that happen within seconds.

Tellyo tried providing APIs to developers which turned out to be complicated for external developers. “SDKs helped us overcome the challenge”, concludes Mariusz. Tellyo now offers native SDK’s for android and iOS platforms that 3rd party developers can integrate to their apps. They also offer Widgets and SDK’s for web stack: HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

With their vast experience in Social TV, Second screen and the challenges involved in engagement, content packaging and developer tools for second screen apps, Tellyo wants to be the go-to service provider for second screen apps.

This post is written based on the interview given by Mariusz , Co-Founder and Chief architect of Tellyo. If you are a second screen app developer and have questions for Mariusz, comment here or through the post on Facebook!