Which tools can you use to make your startup more productive?

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Today’s startups have a lot more to do and to do a lot more, the best tools are needed. Here are some that startups today use to manage their work and make sure they meet targets.


Project Management Tools

These are a great way to keep track of objectives that individuals and teams have to complete. Fortunately, there are quite a few project management tools that are easily available. Factors that should influence your choice while choosing this should be budget, features you require and the number of team members who will use the product. For example, Asana is a great tool for small teams since it’s free upto 15 members. Aha is great for startups that are still in stealth mode or are still figuring out their business model.



A/B testing Tools

Looking at the picture above, A/B testing is fairly easy to understand. Developers or startups can measure user response to different buttons, text or even an image, like the labeled image and headline. The tool provides data based on which we can decide upon a layout that would drive more engagement.

The core principle behind these tools is that design decisions based on actual data rather than different opinions are far more likely to boost your online presence and revenue. Optimizely is a popular plugin that was used even in Obama’s Presidential election campaign back in 2008. Performable(recently acquired by Hubspot) and Unbounce also allow you to carry out tests without having to do any coding. Visual dashboards enable a very user-friendly experience.



UX Prototyping Tools

A great tool for product startups in general. They allow you to create wireframes and UX prototypes, which are essential in giving shape to ideas. A range of prototyping software is available that fits almost every need, may it be building the next disruptive app or even the simplest enterprise website. Another important use of this tool is people without technical knowledge being able to use it to tell designers and developers how the product should look and function.


Many of these tools like Invision, Proto, UX Pin, etc. are cloud-based web apps that do not require you to download and install the software. Some products also offer integration with Dropbox, Photoshop, etc.



CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management(CRMs) are tools that help businesses track their sales, customer interaction and even provide data analytics that would help boost business. Popular CRMs have all been perfected after being extensively used in the field and there is a CRM out there that can fit every startup’s need. At ContractIQ, we use Pipedrive – a sales pipeline CRM that helps us stay on top of interactions with customers, track their current status and decide the next steps in finding the right developer for every customer.

CRMs like Salesforce offer an extensive number of features and are better suited for big teams. Pipedrive, on the other hand, is perfect for small teams that need to stay focused and streamline their process in order to boost sales.


SEO Analytics Tools

Having your website rank higher on search engines is one of the best ways of increasing the footfall on your website and consequently increasing the number of your customers. These tools enable us to track keywords, monitor ranking and page optimizations, build backlinks, etc. All this contributes to boosting your online presence. SEO tools allow tracking of social media activity as well. There are some tools that can be used at first without breaking the bank if you’re new to SEO and would like to try and learn before using more advanced products(trust me, this is a better way!).



Keep in mind that the purpose of using these tools is to make you a better employee. Any product you use should make you more productive, and generally better at what you do. Since some of these are paid software, you might want to consider which ones you really need and stick to those.


Pravir Ramasundaram is our in-house content writer here at ContractIQ. Keep coming back to read more from him on mobility & outsourcing.

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