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ContractIQ identifies and ranks top app development agencies from major cities across the world. Here’s our ranking of the top New York app developers (here is the full infographic).

Fueled: They are an award-winning app development company who have worked with notable startups like Namely, Quizup, and Summit and also big brands like HBO, Google, Verizon. They also have offices in Chicago, London with offshore location in Noida, India. Rather than considering themselves as software ‘vendors’ they think of themselves as partners for the brands and ventures they work with.

Happy Fun Corp: They are a team of 80 iOS developers, Android developers, web developers, designers and product architects. Product development is what keeps them going. Not many teams would have what it takes to make such a fun and happy theme for their website. Don’t let that fool you though, they have a vast clientele which includes names like AOL and American Express.

Dom & Tom: This 61 member app development studio also has offices in Chicago and Los Angeles. They have built over 300 websites and 110 native mobile apps. Most of the products built by them fall in the financial and publishing industry.GE needed an eloquent way to display their predictive analytics software and real-­time data. Using Dom & Tom’s experience in building intuitive front end, the team built a web app to display necessary information in a graphical form.

Prolific Interactive: This team stands apart from the rest when it comes to design and specialises in product development rather than finishing project on a task to task basis. They have offices in Brooklyn and San Francisco. SoulCycle is app lets riders book bikes fast. SoulCycle is one of the most popular boutique fitness studios in metropolitan areas like New York City, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.

FUZZ Productions: This product development team is based out of Brooklyn and also has offices in Los Angeles and Boulder, Colorado. They specialise in building products on multiple platforms. FUZZ has started to separate APIs and CMSs into two discrete development projects, allowing both codebases to evolve independently of one another and for developers to be resourced in accordance with their strengths. They have also developed Mortar JS – a React-powered framework that provides building blocks to craft and customize powerful data management tools for the web.

Brooklyn Labs: They develop on all the major mobile platforms and web as well. Their clientele includes several VC backed startups and even Fortune 100 companies. The team also keeps a keen eye on technological developments in the industry from AI to NFC(near field communication). They have products for notable American brands like Domino’s Pizza, Omaha Steaks, and Walgreens.

Lounge Lizard: This company offers a variety of services apart from just app and web development. They also do digital marketing and website security. They are based in two locations within New York itself and also have an office in LA. They have an enviable list of clients which includes the likes of Motorola, National Geographic and Disney. They have also engineered successful products for several startups.

Applico: In more ways than one, Applico stands out from the rest of the bunch. As they put it, they enable enterprises to combat ‘startup threats’ by making them ‘platform businesses’ like Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google,etc. They believe that Silicon Valley companies shouldn’t be the only ones who get an opportunity to become platforms. The founder & CEO of Applico – Alex Moazed has co-written ‘Modern Monopolies’, a bestseller that talks about how you can dominate the 21st century economy.

SFCD: They are a digital product agency based out of New York as well as San Francisco who act more like partners than mere developers while working with their clients. Their clientele includes names like Uber, Sony, and Samsung. One of the notable apps built by this team is Miranda, a time zone converter app for the iPhone, designed with minimalism in mind. It was featured by Apple on multiple occasions and received the prestigious Pixel Award in 2015.

Small Planet: They are a talented bunch of coders, designers, and producers who created this product development studio with one goal in mind – to make engaging user experiences on mobile and other connected devices. They’ve made a bunch of apps with Disney Publishing and other kids’ apps under their own banner. Other big brands they’ve worked with include General Motors, Chevrolet, and FujiFilm.

As I said, you can find the full rankings and a lot more, in our infograhic.

Author: Pravir Ramasundaram is our in-house content writer at ContractIQ. Keep coming back to read more from him on mobility, outsourcing & analytics.

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