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At ContractIQ, we’re always committed to helping customers find the best app development teams for their projects. This week’s blog post is to introduce you to the ranking system we’ve built on our new ‘Top App Developersranking pages and give you some insights into the trends we observed. The point of this website is to showcase the best teams in all major cities

Evaluating a team can be tough, especially when teams have done similar work and even worked with big brands. There are times when content on the websites can make it hard to differentiate the quality of the teams and evaluate their relevance to your project. We’ve been curating teams all over the world for 4 years now. Over this time, we’ve understood the things that make teams the top developers of their respective cities.

How we arrived at the rankings:

Here are the areas where we have allocated scores to the teams. Then a total of all the scores were taken and the teams were ranked in descending order. The site allows you to mouse over each box to understand how a good or bad team would do in each of the categories.
Categories for top app developers

The categories represent crucial factors such as brands, online presence, past work etc. From our experience, a team with good evidence of most of these categories is generally among the top developers in their city.

The periodic table:

The top 10 rankings in each city are presented in the manner below. A mouseover would show you the company’s name and a click would take you straight to the company’s website where more information on the team can be obtained.
Top 10 App Developers

The subsequent rankings are presented in the form of a periodic table. Arrow keys can be used to move from one company to the next. Clicking once will show the company’s corresponding rank. Clicking once more on the same company would take you to their website.

Periodic Table of app developers

How is our ranking system different from some of the other rankings out there? Firstly, it’s based purely on our research, and is completely unbiased . Teams are here on merit. We don’t accept any kind of payment from teams in order to rank them. If they’re good enough, then they’re on the list, wherever they deserve to be. The parameters we’ve used make the whole process holistic, as in each one contributes to the company’s projection as a whole.

PS: As evident from the table above, there are spots that are left to be filled. If you’re one of the top developers based in the United States and feel your firm has got what it takes to be ranked on our page, write to!

View our rankings here!

Pravir Ramasundaram is our in-house content writer here at ContractIQ. Keep coming back to read more from him on mobility & outsourcing.

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