Updates from TiEcon 2014 and the Collision Conference

Ashwin’s back after an energizing three weeks in the Valley and brings back interesting experiences from TiEcon 2014 at Santa Clara and the Collision Conference held at Vegas.

Everyone has heard this when starting up their business: network, network, and then network some more. You can never underestimate the potential of networking in any industry: that person you have a little fireside chat with at a small event or conference could be your next customer, business partner, or even an investor (!).

So, armed with some (read: a lot) of business cards, Ashwin set out to do exactly that. At TiEcon 2014, which ranks alongside Demo, TED and World Economic Forum as one of the largest conferences on entrepreneurship, he managed to capture some exciting presentations revolving around the current buzz in the industry: the Internet of Things.

Catch a glimpse of how Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights and Strategy segments the Internet of Things, hands down and no frills attached:

Key takeaways from the experience?

  1. IoT technology still has a long way to go, but the most interesting and sustainable solutions will be those that solve crucial and pressing problems and not just mere tech for tech’s sake.
  2. The lure toward IoT is that a product that mashes hardware and software to create rich user experience is exponentially challenging.
  3. The industry is waiting for a future of devices that will provide services which adapt and survive the fragmentation, consolidation and the evolution of the ecosystem.

Talk to us if you’re developing for the IoT or wearable devices. We just may be able to surprise you!

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