Virtual Reality Training: Life Saving Technology

Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.


Education is a process. It’s never a finished lesson. Training is an indispensable part of education. To keep up with the world’s changes, we need to look for better and more adequate tools that can improve our qualifications.

If we assume that the condition of the modern world can be defined using the acronym VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity), we undoubtedly see the need for completely new training tools. VUCA gives us an idea of the changes, and above all, reminds us of the conditions in which we live, learn, and work.

VUCA is also a term describing different conditions that may arise in your business. However, one trait is dominant. Every time we define the problem, the situation requires specific actions to resolve the issue. This may include specialists hiring, process reorganizations, hypothesis testing, reducing the risk level and information processing. We
deal with  similar schema in everyday situations..

Why is it so important? For two reasons:

1. It is difficult to verify how we can put in practice our theoretical knowledge about  dangerous situations such as  fire in a factory or accident in a mine.  The same applies to things such as the fear of public speaking.

2. Modern labor market requires constant improvement of our qualifications, creating specialists, and flexibility of employees.

2016 – The Year of New Hope

I’d rather say “The Force Awakens”. Anyway, both express the gist. 2016 has begun exceptionally, hosting the annual Las Vegas, NV Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in January, at which Virtual Reality was acclaimed number 1 hit. Soon, we, the customers, are going to have VR goggles in our hands. The great immersion is coming.

It’s a whole new kind of experience, incomparable to any of the previous ones. Experts say that – as so far – no other medium  has been able to  affect an individual in such an intensive way as virtual reality. It is a huge opportunity to create  completely new tools for entertainment, training, and therapy.

Needless to say that video games are only a part of the whole range of products created for the VR market. The others  spread from the military, engineering, healthcare, education, real estate to retail, providing simulations and training software to improve our skills.

The innovative VR workouts are created to support traditional training as not everything can be trained using drama or a learned scenario. In the VUCA world, tools must be adapted to specific needs quickly.

APPLICATION: NGO Trainer (doctors without borders)

4Experience is a Polish company, founded by several young precursors of virtual reality who decided to use the VR to help people in need. The company specializes in creating training applications and recently has launched a pilot program for the international organization, “Doctors without Borders.”

” Training people who risk their lives to help others has been acknowledged as a challenge and honor. In this simulation, we, the participants, are in an “armed conflict.”  see people who need our help, and start feeling responsible for them “- says Michael Wyrobek, CEO of 4Experience in Bielsko-Biala, Poland.

What is Virtual Reality Training? It’s crafting an interactive environment that reflects the conditions and places similar to those in which doctors will work. It’s a mental journey to another time and place. With virtual reality, we are able to create almost any environment and  situation, and – at the same time – put a living person in the middle of the events. The degree of commitment and induced reactions are very similar to those in real circumstances. However, here they are completely safe and feasible. Moreover, they can be repeated many times to see how we may behave in a crisis situation. In addition, we use advanced equipment to monitor vital signs for even more immersion in the virtual world.

Virtual Reality Training 1

Virtual Reality Training 2

In traditional training, external factors such as location, time, and the mood of participants play an important role. They can reduce our level of concentration and affect the effectiveness of the training itself. In the case of virtual reality training, many of these factors cease to be relevant. You are in a different reality, fully immersed in the experience. You can enter the world when you want and leave when you feel bad. You can try again. This is especially
important for applications that help to fight phobias. Can you imagine someone who suffers from arachnophobia and suddenly finds himself in a room full of spiders and cannot get out? What a nightmare!


Our knowledge disappears if not used. Years of learning can be lost through the years of neglect and lack of training. The tools we create in a vague reality (VUCA) have unique qualities that will fit the expectations of our customers, saving their time and  improving their skills. Sometimes such training requires creativity, and at other times, it requires a schematic operation in a controlled environment. Any solution is possible with Virtual Reality training.

Virtual Reality training and simulation are not the future. They are here!

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