What’s your API IQ?

As such building for mobile across platforms, is a challenge onto its own – Multiple versions, devices, form factors and operating systems. With iOS and Android going neck to neck in terms of activation, app ecosystems etc. and the renewed interest on Microsoft, post Nokia acquisition, it’s all too easy to double down your efforts on becoming a true multi-platform developer. But, there is one thing that needs equal attention from a mobile app development company.

APIs. Simply put[tweetherder] APIs are the external version of what SOA did for intra-enterprise data, services consumption.[/tweetherder]

All else remaining the same, [tweetherder]your ability to define and execute enterprise API strategy would differentiate you from the rest in the market, who can all build great apps.[/tweetherder]

Remember two things:

1. APIs mean revenue for your customers:

[tweetherder]APIs are the new revenue generators for organizations[/tweetherder]. They sit on a lot of proprietary data which when applied to various contexts, could lead to discovery of new value. For instance, Nike’s internal data about fitness routines of its users, when mashed with nutrition data outside of Nike’s own platform (or) even an insurer’s data, you suddenly see new business models emerging.  The good news is, [tweetherder]forward thinking enterprises understand the value of their data and the need to monetize it[/tweetherder]. That endeavor starts with building pipes for data to flow out. Whether you know how to expose data from internal systems for mobile consumption outside of the enterprise, for users and for developers materially affects your role as a partner!

2. API governance is the best way you grow a developer community!

Couple of quarters back, Intel picked up Mashery and CA Technologies took over Layer 7 Technologies. They understand the need for API governance / management. If you are working on the demand side of the mobile strategy (as it applies to external users) for an enterprise customer, it’s only sensible that you first define the rules of data/services access & document how the data/services can be consumed externally. API is the closest an enterprise can to, in embracing opensource ideology – “Share with as many and the sum becomes more than the parts”. Not only does it free up the IT department from taking risky bets on products but it allows an organized way to providing the data/service infrastructure for unencumbered innovation from third party developers. As a mobile app development company, you need to realize that your are helping your customer define their own future.

A well defined API strategy and a strong governance around it, would be pre-requisites for enterprises to get new customers, new data and revenue.

If you are building apps today for an enterprise, be ready build revenue for them in the future. That’s when you stay relevant!

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