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Neologix Software Solutions Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Neologix Software Solutions

We are an offshore web and mobile application development company based in India that provides innovative software solutions, quality development and consultancy services to its clients worldwide. .more

Employees: 150
Founded: 2002
Technologies:   AJAX    C#    ColdFusion    Access    MS SQL    .NET    CakePHP    Django   

San Diego, US

Tapcrew Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   

Since 2009, Tapcrew has provided complete support and optimal service to make sure your product gets the most recognition in the highly demanding mobile market. We work with smartphones, tablets, w...more

Employees: 5
Founded: 2009
Technologies:   Android    iOS    MySQL    Ruby    JQuery    PHP    J2EE   

San Diego, US

Mobile Distortion Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Mobile Distortion

We’d like to help you turn your wild idea into a well defined product. .more

Employees: 0
Founded: 2010
Technologies:   Android    iOS   

San Diego, US

MoveoApps Company Profile, Apps, Reviews   
Moveo Apps

MoveoApps is a Mobile Apps Design and Development Company Specialized in Delivering Custom Mobile Apps and Entreprise Mobility Solutions..more

Employees: 55
Founded: 2014
Technologies:   Android    iOS   

San Diego, US

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